Bet you haven't read all of them. #bookreviews

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You could spend all day browsing and reading our book reviews, and I still don't think you would see them all. It would all depend on how long you spent with each review.

How many are there? I've got 288 reviews tagged in Blogger.

Surely you can find a book or two to your liking. Sorry in advance if we add tons of books to your TBR pile. In other words, disclaimer: we take no responsibility for the consequences.

The following list and newer reviews can be found under the Reviews menu, Master Review List. Or click HERE.

To see a list of our earlier reviews, including about 170 Indie reviews, click HERE.

2014 (Most current reviews on top)

Title Author Genre MQ
Pigments of My ImaginationAngela KuligYA Fantasy3.8Mark Lee
The Complete Darkness CollectionLeslie Lee SandersSci-Fi, Dystopian4.0Levon
PortalsMaer WilsonSci-Fi, Urban Fantasy3.9Walki
The Complete Darkness CollectionLeslie Lee SandersSci-Fi, Dystopia5.0John B.
The Methuselah StrainStuart AkenSci-Fi, Dystopia4.0Devorah
Life FirstRJ CraytonSci-Fi, Dystopia3.0Saffron
MindcloneDavid T. WolfSci-Fi5.0Kalifer
The Ultimate Inferior BeingsMark RomanSci-Fi, Humor2.5Lucy Pireel
Triad of PowerDenyse BridgerFantasy, Romance3.5John B.
GuiamoMarshall BestFantasy, Historical2.5Bella
Rowena's KeyA J NuestFantasy3.5Abha C.
The Way HomeCarol Holland MarchFantasy3.5Walki
Skater in a Strange LandD.W. FrauenfelderFantasy, Sports3.2Mark Lee
The Sorcerer's DaughterLarry KollarFantasy4.0Belinda F.
The TowersJordan JeffersFantasy4.0Barbara G.
The TowersJordan JeffersFantasy4.0Saffron
The GuestKaren DalesParanormal Fantasy3.5Lucy Pireel
A Faery DreamHeather KinnaneFantasy3.0Abha C.
MoreT. M. FranklinYoung Adult Paranormal3.0Jenny B.
Legacy of a DreamerAllie JeanParanormal Romance4.5Arushi
PortalsMaer WilsonParanormal4.5Lucy Pireel
Eternal NightJade KerrionParanormal Fantasy5.0Walki
Eternal Ever AfterA.C. JamesErotica, Paranormal4.0Staci T.
Dangerous CurvesMorgan K. WyattRomance, Suspense4.0Bella
Dangerous CurvesMorgan K. WyattRomance, Suspense4.0Staci T.
Cowboy Jackpot: ChristmasRandi AlexanderErotica3.5Abha C.
Cowboy Jackpot: ChristmasRandi AlexanderErotica4Kay F.
Cowboy Jackpot: ChristmasRandi AlexanderErotica2Curran
LumièreJacqueline E. GarlickSteampunk4.5Levon
Who Is Evelyn Dae?Sarah LaFleurYoung Adult Paranormal3.5Lucy Pireel
Once BrokenH. Anne HenryParanormal Romance4.0Staci
The AwakeningSarah BuchynskiYoung Adult Fantasy3.75Teresa C.
Prophecy of the Most BeautifulDiantha JonesYoung Adult Fantasy4.5Abha C.
Dark Before DawnStacy JubaYoung Adult Paranormal4.0Alana
MoreT. M. FranklinYoung Adult, Paranormal4.0Sarah L.
Who Is Evelyn Dae?Sarah LaFleurYoung Adult Paranormal3.8Walki
The Herald of DarknessSaffron BryantDark Fantasy4.0Laura
Dark Before DawnStacy JubaYoung Adult Fantasy4.0Walki
Fall Into LoveSerena AkeroydErotica4.0Staci
Prophecy of the Most BeautifulDiantha JonesYoung Adult Fantasy4.0Kay
RookJC AndrijeskiFantasy, Romance4.0Spring
Switch!Karen PrinceYoung Adult Fantasy3.5Bella
MoreT.M. FranklinFantasy, Paranormal5.0Levon

Second Half of 2013

Title Author Genre MQ
The Dark Horse SpeaksLittle White BirdAutobiography5.0Roy M.
The AwakeningSarah BuchynskiYoung Adult Fantasy3.5Walki
InnocenceElise de SallierRomance, Historical4.4Curran
MindcloneDavid T. WolfSci-Fi, Romance5.0Kalifer D.
Finding PoeLeigh M. LaneHorror4.4Linda
Face-OffStacy JubaYoung Adult, Sports5.0Belinda F.
Fall Into LoveSerena Akeroyd Erotica4.0Bella
Fall Into LoveSerena Akeroyd Erotica1.0Lucy Pireel
A World of InTemperanceIchabod TemperanceScience Fiction, Steampunk4.0Levon F.
Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc.PK HrezoTime Travel, Romance2.0Saffron B.
Synchronized BreathingTara EllisonRomance, Chick Lit3.5Jenny B.
Keeping ScoreJami DeiseGeneral Fiction, Chick Lit2.0Beverly D.
Swimming UpstreamRuth ManciniGeneral Fiction, Chick Lit3.5Belinda F.
It's Just a Little CrushCaroline FardigMystery, Chick Lit3.5Joy C.
A Menu of DeathLucy PireelHorror, Dark Fantasy3.5Walki
Season of the DeadSpore PressHorror, Post-Apocalyptic5.0John B.
An Ill Wind BlowsLori R. Lopez Fantasy, Horror3.5Staci T.
SheepleAustin CharlesHorror, Satire1.0Lucy Pireel
The God KingAdrian MallaboHorror2.0Alana M.
Finding PoeLeigh M. LaneHorror, Gothic4.0Walki
I Was in Love With a Short Man OnceKimberly J. DalferesNon-fiction, Autobiography4.0Roy M.
Boxes for BedsMaryann MillerMystery, Historical3.5Walki
White WitchLyn HornerHistorical Romance, Fantasy3.5Walki
Darlin' IrishLyn HornerHistorical Romance, Fantasy3.0Beverly D.
White WitchLyn HornerHistorical Romance, Fantasy3.0Beverly D.
Faust 2.0Michael BrookesSci-Fi4.0Saffron Bryant
HuaqueroGareth WorthingtonSci-Fi4.0Rebekah P.
The Robinsons' Dark MatterMichael RaymondSci-Fi, YA3.7Linda
WindmillsLyndi AlexanderSci-Fi, YA Dystopia4.0Walki
Twinned UniversesSandra Ulbrich AlmazanSci-Fi4.5Abha C.
Sideshow in the Center RingMarian AllenSci-Fi4.0Sara S.
The SunderedRuthanne ReidSci-Fi5.0Barbara G.
HuahuquiGareth WorthingtonSci-Fi4.0Rebekah P.
Perfection UnleashedJade KerrionSci-Fi5.0Walki
Into the SpiralErin DanzerSci-Fi, YA4.5Belinda F.
FixerGene DoucetteSci-Fi, Thriller4.5Staci T.
His Need Her DesireMalia MalloryRomance, Erotica3.2DeeJay
Rock HimRachel CrossRomance4.0Abha C
Mountain CharmSydney LoganRomance4.0Alana M
Eye of the BeholderJackie WegerRomance4.0Crystal N
LandslideNJ ColeRomance, Erotica4.0Lindsey G
Spellbound in His ArmsAngel SeferRomance3.5Abha C
GhostwriterLissa BryanRomance, Paranormal5.0Beverly D
EmpathBecca J. CampbellRomance, Supernatural3.7Staci T.
Cursed Ever AfterA.C. JamesRomance, Paranormal Erotica4.0Staci T.
GhostwriterLissa BryanRomance, Paranormal3.5Walki
Mocha, Moonlight, and MurderMaryAnn KempherRomance, Mystery3.5Sandra
His Brand Of BeautifulLily MaloneRomance, Contemporary3.5Staci T.
A Heart Not Easily BrokenM.J. KaneRomance, Urban3.7Curran
Vanishing ActMark LoveRomance, Suspense3.5Belinda F.
More Than StrangersTara QuanRomance, Suspense4.5Belinda F.
The Happenstance MarshalMichael O'GaraMystery2.5Linda
The Happenstance MarshalMichael O'GaraMystery4.0Abha C
Double MayhemSam BerrettiMystery1.0Barbara Garren
Against the DarkCarolyn CraneMystery, Romantic Suspense3.4Jenny Buijs
UnraveledS.X. BradleyYA, Mystery3.0Alana M
Sink or SwimStacy JubaMystery3.5Abha C
Foreign IdentityBecca J. CampbellMystery, Science Fiction3.9Linda
Against the DarkCarolyn CraneRomantic Suspense5.0Crystal N.
Double MayhemSam BerrettiMystery4.0Staci T.
Twenty-Five Years Ago TodayStacy JubaMystery, Romantic Suspense4.5Staci T.
Sink or SwimStacy JubaMystery, Romantic Suspense4.0Staci T.
UnraveledS.X. BradleyYoung Adult Mystery3.5Walki
Foreign IdentityBecca J. CampbellMystery2.0Saffron Bryant
SunboltIntisar KhananiYoung Adult Fantasy4.8Diantha
The Fallen StarSaffron BryantFantasy4.0Laura Greenwood
The Tattered BannerDuncan M. HamiltonFantasy3.5Melissa McPhail
EolynKarin Rita GastreichFantasy4.0Leslie Rayborn
Nocturnal EmbersCrimson MelodiesFantasy, Supernatural4.4Linda
Restless SpiritsJean Marie BauhausFantasy, Paranormal4.0Alana Mander
The Last Keeper's DaughterRebecca TrognerFantasy, Romance4.0Jenny Buijs
Eyes of the SeerPeter DawesFantasy3.5Sarai
Nefertiti's HeartA.W. ExleyFantasy, Steampunk3.5Diantha
Between BoyfriendsSarka-Jonae MillerGeneral Fiction, Chick-lit3.5Joy Campbell
Cephrael's HandMelissa McPhailFantasy4.0Saffron Bryant
The Last Keeper's DaughterRebecca TrognerFantasy, Vampires4.0Walki
Blood SkiesSteven MontanoFantasy, Dystopia3.1Mark Lee
DreamRobbi Sommers BryantFantasy5.0Linda
The Child ThiefMelissa SnarkFantasy, Paranormal4.0Walki
The Last Keeper's DaughterRebecca TrognerFantasy, Mystery4.0Serena Akeroyd
Cephrael's HandMelissa McPhailFantasy4.0Linda
Cradle Of DreamsKeta DiabloFantasy, Erotic Romance4.5Serena Akeroyd