"Greek myth, vampires, hot sex! This book has it all." ORACLE by @frenchkilt

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The Atlantean Line Trilogy

Written by Lisa Forest

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

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Bridget Davis has been running from an unknown past and an unseen enemy for as long as she can remember. All she knows is what her mother has told her: she is an oracle whose special abilities are about to manifest. But just as she is ready to begin her senior year of college, her mother dies, leaving her in the care of Dr. Cole Weber. Now, as Bridget’s gifts become more pronounced, only Cole knows the truth about their origin.

Bridget feels cursed by the gifts that allow her to shape-shift into the forms of animals and see the past and future. Trusting Cole, however, she is unexpectedly thrust into the supernatural world of Greek gods and goddesses. Cole, it seems, is Eros, god of love, and Bridget is his last living descendant and a hybrid.

Unfortunately, the gods are alien imposters—and Bridget is one of them. Amid visions of blood-soaked battles, vampires, and passionate betrayals, Bridget begins to see that she is the key to mankind’s survival. But just as Cole teaches Bridget about her past, defends her life with the help of Athena, and rekindles their hunger for each other, Bridget finds a love of her own in the arms of another hybrid.

In this fantasy novel, passions roar to life as the dark forces of Greek myth close in, leaving a goddess with no choice but to embrace her warrior heritage—before it is too late.

An excerpt from


“Run, Bridget!”

“What? Why?”

“Just go! You’re not safe.”

She didn’t know why, but her feet started off as fast as they would carry her, just like every time before. They were supposed to be safe here. They were supposed to be able to stop running. But they weren’t safe. Nowhere was safe. Bridget could hear the sound of her mom’s footsteps behind her. She looked back to see only her mom trailing behind her in the mist. No one was chasing them.

Bridget stopped, out of breath and out of patience. “Mom, there’s no one there,” she gestured to the empty boardwalk behind her, most of it swallowed by the rising steam. “Can’t you, please, just stop it? I’m tired of this bullshit! No one’s here, no one’s chasing us.”

“God damn it, Bridget, just run!” Janice replied, catching up to her daughter’s position on the boardwalk that wound its way through the hot springs. She grabbed Bridget’s arm, trying to pull her further up the path, but she wouldn’t move. Janice’s eyes pleaded with her daughter, but Bridget still remained fixed in place, the stubborn expression on her face unwavering.

“Stop it, Mom! This needs to end. I’m tired of running from shit that isn’t there. I’m just…tired!” Bridget cried, collapsing on the wooden planks that separated her from the boiling water below.

Janice knelt down and hugged her daughter as tightly as she could. Bridget began to cry as her mom’s grip tightened. This was supposed to be a vacation. It was supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation with her mom, but it was turning out to be like every other day. She’d been running with her mom her entire life and she didn’t know why. Her mom was always looking over her shoulder. She was suspicious of everyone and everything. Bridget wasn’t allowed to make friends. She wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone about anything, more than just superficial crap. No one could know who they were, because everyone was a threat, at least in her mom’s mind.

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Fans are saying

Great novel! I loved the characterization, especially happy about the two strong, black characters. Great pacing and a complex plot. Loved the battle scenes. Greek myth, vampires, hot sex! This book has it all.

Can't wait for the second book to come out! Hurry, Lisa, hurry! I'm now a huge fan!


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Oracle. Lisa Forest provides an interesting and engaging read by weaving Greek mythology into a present day storyline.

This book captivates your sense of ancient history and its sensual allure while keeping you focused on the life of a very special young woman.

Author Bio

Lisa Forest

Lisa was born on November 19,in Canada. She has two children, Samantha (23) and Jacob (16) and 1 grandchild. She currently, lives in South Carolina. Lisa speaks French, English, and a little Spanish. She graduated from Seneca College in 1987 and worked as a flight attendant for a Montreal based airline, Nationair. 

Lisa is a world traveler, having been to British Guyana, Columbia, Venezuela, Jamaica, Belgium, England, France, Portugal and Greece. Lisa completed her RN degree and has been employed as a nurse for the last 18 years. Lisa has moonlighted as a successful real estate agent and interior designer. Interior design is one of Lisa's passions and her home design was featured on Rate My Space. 

Other than writing, Lisa's hobbies are reading, restoring furniture, and sewing. Lisa was inspired to write at the urging of her friends and blogging community.