"Outstanding work of pornography." MILKSHAKE by @SolarHarris #erotica

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Written by Solar Harris

Genre: Erotic Romance

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Advertising executive Ara Lang feels trapped by just about every choice she's made in life so far. When she meets an earnest bright-eyed waiter at a trendy new diner, she thinks she'll try her hand at being a cougar.

But in the days that follow, Ara's life and body turn upside down. She's busting out of bras. Her hips are ripping the seams of her skirts. And she's starting to leak something from her ever-expanding breasts. 

What is the secret of her transforming body? What is the connection to the trendy new diner and its strange lack of customers? And why does Ara find herself craving just one more of the waiter's milkshakes? 

A bimbo story with no valley girl talk. A hucow romp with no horns or farms. A thrilling erotic romance from the author of ACQUIRED and LUCIDITY. Solar Harris proudly presents MILKSHAKE - it's not what you think. 

39,000 words. Contains adult material including depictions of mind control, breast expansion, lactation, bimboization, female masturbation, F/F intercourse, gender transformations, anal sex, and breast play. All characters over 18.

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Fans are saying

A woman transforming into a totally erotic being, complete with newly acquired physical attributes of a bimbo, always has the potential to be an exciting pornographic adventure. Harris exceeds expectations!

Harris is to be complimented upon this outstanding work of pornography.

As the story concludes, Harris presents a vision of a society where men and especially women realize their natural role as erotic creatures and where sexual pleasure is embraced to the fullest.

The final transformation of Ara, in which she assumes her leadership role in this new society, arouses all our sexual desires and pleasurably concludes a great work of fantasy.

This erotic story has multiple sexual elements which the author crafts into an interesting story that keeps you attentive.

I thought the writing was superb in this book since it kept me engaged such that I wanted to continue to read it.

The intriguing plot was always moving and unpredictable, including the ending which was a surprise.

— Ken W.