Wednesday, June 13, 2018

#Authors, I will tweet about your book on Amazon #marketing #promotion

"You can't sell books on Twitter," say the naysayers. 
But I say, "Hog wash!"

Perhaps you won't sell very many books (if any) solely because of a tweet, but that doesn't mean Twitter shouldn't be part of your front line defense. Be it directing attention to a blog (which I can directly attest to) or sending prospective customers to Amazon, Twitter is a rich source of traffic.

Twitter has done its job once people land on your blog or your book's Amazon page.

Whether you get a sale after that has little to do with Twitter, which is why "Buy My Book" tweets do not work. Not saying you'll never sell a book that way, but the chances are rare ... that's why I don't use that technique.

My Twitter Technique

Instead, I direct attention to reviews, the synopsis, and lines directly from the novel (especially if there aren't any reviews). I use hashtags to reel people in who do not follow any of our accounts. I also use pictures to draw attention to the tweet within the feed. (For a small extra fee, of course)

And we get a lot of retweets, especially from the accounts that have larger followings, such as my main account (@MasqCrew) which has more than 50,000 followers just by itself. Once you add in our other accounts, we have well over 100,000 followers.

A Book Tweeting Service

The tweets I compose will come from the book's Amazon page. In fact, all you have to give me is a link to your book when you pay through PayPal. It couldn't be easier.

There is no minimum number of tweets that will go out. I will continue tweeting for the foreseeable future. Tweets that are going out right now, in fact, include book promos that were paid for more than a year ago.

For the $5 package, I will spend about 15 minutes composing tweets. In that time, depending on how well your Amazon page cooperates (synopsis, reviews, etc...), I will be able to compose anywhere from 10 to 20 different tweets.

For the $15 package, I will spend extra time to create a picture for each tweet. The number of tweets will be about the same for either package.

I will then use appropriate hashtags to send out multiple versions of these tweets across about a dozen Twitter accounts over the course of about a day (or so). After that the tweets will be added to my master tweet database, getting tweeted out randomly then-after.

Which means that I will most likely send out more than a hundred tweets on the first day and many thousands of tweets over the course of several months.

This service is not meant for time specific campaigns, so don't expect me to promote a giveaway or a sale on Amazon. These are long-term tweets. Same goes for box sets: if it is only going to be sold for a few months, you'll have to email me once it's no longer for sale. I will not check. I don't have the time.

Two Packages: $5 and $15

Package #1 — $5: text tweets

Package #2 — $15: picture included with each tweet

  • Check out an example of a custom pic with this tweet.
  • All tweets will have a pic since Twitter automatically pulls a pic from a link if possible. Custom pics will stand out, though.

Cheaper Elsewhere? Doubtful!

I doubt you could find any other tweet service this cheap. We're talking less than a penny per tweet.

Purchase Here

Link to book on

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