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(First Draft) Advertise with The Masquerade Crew

An author's toughest job is marketing. Well, for some it's editing, but I can't really help you with that. I can help you get your name out there. I'll help you get your book cover seen by as many eyes as possible and/or help to connect you with others on Twitter. Check out my services below.

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My services are ad hoc.

For additional info, please check out our FAQ section.
Amazon Tweets—$5.00
$5.00 I will compose a number of tweets to advertise your book on Amazon. My tweets direct attention to the synopsis mostly, but I will also pull from reviews and even lines from the novel itself, time permitting.

There is no minimum number of tweets that will go out. I will continue tweeting for the foreseeable future. Tweets that are going out right now, in fact, include book promos that were paid for more than a year ago.

Here's an example of a book ad, though tweets in the future will probably include more hashtags.