3.5 on the Masq Scale. Triad of Power by @DenyseBridger #fantasy #bookreview

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Triad of Power

First Quest

Written by Denyse Bridger

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

On the fantasy world of Foress, the daughter of the world’s last remaining god is challenged to locate one of the ancient swords that were forged as the Triad of Power among the once-powerful gods.

Sherindal is a skilled warrior, but a woman with many conflicts in her heart. She has spent her life in the service of her father, the god M’Har, yet it is not she who will wield the most powerful of the swords. Diviner is to be her brother’s destiny, even though she is certain the legacy should be hers.

Sherindal carries another of the three ancient weapons, Huntor. The final part of the triad is to be held by the hands of men, and her lover, the Prince of Ember City, is the guardian of Predator.

John B.'s Review

As a lover of the fantasy genre I was looking forward to reading this book as the general description seemed to be right up my alley. What made me want to dive in even more was when on the credit page the author gave thanks to Terry Brooks who inspired her.

I liked the characters and how it came to be that they were involved with one another. Sherindal is a strong woman who inherited powers from her father the God M'Har and is a skilled warrior in her own right. Rienn is a Prince of the realm with whom she is involved with but due to her status they cannot be together.

The book has all the right elements for a fantasy tale, good and dark magic, kings, love and deception, sorcerers, and a quest that would help bring the realm together. Sherindal sets out on the quest alone and soon she is joined by others to find the last of the swords of power.

Right from the beginning the story sets out with action; from the scene of passion between her and Rienn which within moments leaves them fighting for their lives, to battling evil wizards while on their quest.

While overall I liked the the premise of the story and the characters; the fight scenes were well done, and the quest to find the last sword.

I found myself wanting more; like only a small portion of the story was being told almost as if I was reading a rough draft. I believe that Denyse Bridger has the elements to put together a good story there just needs to be a bit more to it.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.