"Move Over Conan, You've Met Your Match" OVERKILL by Steven Shrewsbury #fantasy

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Written by Steven Shrewsbury

Genre: Epic Fantasy 

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Deliverance will come...

A great flood once wiped clean the earth, destroying everything upon it. Before the deluge, in a time now forgotten, the world was a place of warriors and witches, conflicts between kingdoms, and, until their extermination, dragons. In this world, men may live centuries, fallen angels have begotten terrifying spawn, and sometimes, the best hope can be found in a brothel. 

In the land of Transalpina, a new religion spreads, and important men are dying mysteriously, slain by what can only be the fire of dragon breath. Summoned by the Queen Garnet, the legendary warrior Gorias La Gaul returns to the place where he once saved the queen's young granddaughter from treachery and enslavement. The Princess Nykia is gone, and soon others may try to claim the throne. The queen has little choice but to turn to the only man who ever told her no. 

With the aid of one of the queen's elite guard, the battle maiden Alena, and the young palace servant Orsen, the old mercenary will face pirates and traitors, monsters and foul magic in the quest to find the missing heir and learn the truth behind the disconcerting murders.

Deliverance will come for Gorias La Gaul, but for now there are women to love, secrets to discover, and killing that needs doing.

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Move Over Conan, You've Met Your Match

As fantasies go, there are the requisites of Dragons, monsters, demons, wizards, pirates and assorted nefarious characters. Steven adds his own personal twists to the standard hosts providing them with identities that enable them to be unique.

Action runs amuck as well as libidos, the easily offended may want to pass on this book. For the rest of us who enjoy rollicking good humor and raucous action this is a book for the must read shelf.

One Sexy funny wild gory romp!

If you take a 700 year old legendary warrior, and dragon slayer, add Smartass with a dash of finesse, and more charm than a 700 year old man ought to have at his time of life. Toss in shocking violent fight scenes and a lot of humor, sex, gore, and more sex, and even more gore... you have Gorias La Gaul!

Overkill is a wild romp through, dragons, monsters, demons, pirates, bounty hunters, and yes WOMEN!

Gorias La Gaul, perfectly flawed, sexy as hell, smartass... just what I wanted!

Author Bio

Steven Shrewsbury

STEVEN L. SHREWSBURY lives, works, and writes in rural Illinois. Over 360 of his short stories have appeared in print or electronic media along with over 100 poems. 9 of his novels have been released, with more on the way. 

His books run from sword & sorcery (OVERKILL, THRALL, BEDLAM UNLEASHED) to historical fantasy (GODFORSAKEN) extreme horror (HAWG, TORMENTOR, STRONGER THAN DEATH) to horror-westerns (HELL BILLY, BAD MAGICK, and the forthcoming LAST MAN SCREAMING). 

He loves books, British TV, guns, movies, politics, sports and hanging out with his sons. He’s frequently outdoors, looking for brightness wherever it may hide.