B, D, and F are really important. But there's other letters too. #atozchallenge

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Thanks to everyone who has nominated an author for next month's challenge. Reading over the entries, I've seen some great nominations and a few that I couldn't even consider since the guidelines weren't followed. I don't want to hear about their books. I want to hear about the person.

Our goal is to highlight some indie authors who are more than just authors. For more detail about the project, see this post.

There's some room for a few more nominations, and my goal is to use as many of the entries as possible, though not every letter submitted—so that means there is probably room for your nomination, especially if you submit one or two of the following letters.

Here are the letters we really need.

B, D, and F.

They will be going out the first several days of April, so time is a-ticking for them. The following letters are needed as well.

L, P, Q, T, Y and Z.

To nominate a stellar indie author, click HERE.