"Beautifully constructed world of fantasy." Devil's Bitch by @delenasilverfox #romance

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Devil's Bitch

Written by Delena Silverfox

Genre: Paranormal Romance (historical)

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Norelia, Imperial heir and zealous second-in-command of the Endless Army, is cornered by a wager against her father, the Emperor. The stakes? To marry the winner of the next Summer Games in order to ensure the continuation of the Imperial line. 

Confident she will win the Games and the wager, she is devastated when a mysterious contender named Reoth defeats her and claims not only the title of Champion, but claims Norelia as well. A misplaced note reveals Reoth and her father placed wagers on Reoth's ability to "tame" her, proving it was all a game after all. 

When her father is killed in a surprise invasion, the Empire stands on the brink of war and Norelia is thrust into the center of it with Reoth, a man she'd sooner kill than trust. As Reoth admits knowledge regarding who is behind this invasion, Norelia must determine where his true allegiance lies before the Empire, and her heart, are destroyed forever.

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Devil's Bitch


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Fans are saying

There are definite moments in the book that are cringe-worthy, but in a good way. The interactions between the characters aren't nice. It's not fluffy. Reoth isn't some chivalrous knight in shining armor. For a time, you hate him for a very good reason.

But that's the most brilliant part of this book, it contains actual character development, which is very sparse and hard to find in Romance. Most of the time it's uninhibited sex by two dimensional characters whose names you barely remember.

With Devil's Bitch, you are in that world. You are invested in who the characters are, and who they become by the end. You find yourself satisfied, but at the same time wanting more.

Okay, first thing. Nothing about this book is at all what I normally read, in addition to the fact that I avoid military renderings like the plague, BUT I read it anyway and I have to say it's been a long time since I've read such a well research, well written and beautifully constructed world of fantasy in quite some time.

This isn't just a story of passion and war, it is a story of deep love and forgiveness. Great book!

Author Bio

Delena Silverfox

For as long as she can remember, Delena Silverfox has always loved writing more than anything. When she was three she taught herself how to read with alphabet magnets and her trusty Speak n' Spell, but it was when she realized she could use those same words to share what was in her imagination that the magic took hold. 

She pursued an English/Creative Writing degree in college, but after seeing so many friends lose their passion in school, she changed her major to Psychology and pursued writing on her own. At 21, she moved to Portland, OR where she spent the next eleven years, and considers that the city where she truly "grew up," as it influenced so much of who she is today as a person and an author. 

She discovered an affinity for erotic romance after getting to know the underground BDSM community and trying her hand at adding a few elements into her romance writing. What she encountered was, to her, overwhelming encouragement to seek publication. Without that support, she would still be writing serial installments on BDSM forums. 

Delena lives in Indianapolis, IN with her daughter, husband, and a klutzy cat named PĂ­caro. When she's not writing, she's working on finishing up her Psych degree, cooking, making crafts with her daughter, or sewing and crocheting.