4.0 on the Masq Scale. The Towers by @Jordan_Jeffers #fantasy #bookreview

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The Towers

Written by Jordan Jeffers

Genre: Fantasy

For generations, the mountain people of Cairn Meridia have lived free, defending themselves from the dark army of the Nightmare with the strength of their towers, the wisdom of the Prohibitions, and the magic of shame and grace.

But now, as a masked rebellion festers in the heart of the city, the Nightmare comes again, twenty years too soon, and the fate of Cairn Meridia hangs upon a terrible choice. Here is a tale of lies, loyalty, and above all love.

Saffron B.'s Review

What a read! I have to say, I zoomed through this one because it was so much fun. It’s not like I had lots of spare time on my hands but there I was spending hours reading!

This is a fantastic novel which explores a multitude of themes including human nature. While keeping up a strong fantasy feeling the book also went deeper, exploring what happens when we do the wrong thing for the right reason? And, what if by trying to stop something you create the very scenario you were trying to avoid?

Four stars and a very sincere thank you from me for this one. I highly recommend it to any lovers of fantasy. The magic system was so original and believable, I’ve never seen it done before but was completely sucked in.

My only criticism would be that the ending was very abrupt. I don’t know if there’s a sequel planned, (in which case sign me up!) But on its own I felt robbed of some closure. But apart from me sulking that the story had to end it was EPIC. Definitely a must-read.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.