"A quantum leap in entertainment." City of Conspiracy by @cityconspiracy #thriller

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City of Conspiracy

Written by Jonny Virgo 

Genre: Conspiracy Thriller

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An interactive thriller, a book that emails you, texts you and more. 

This story of murder and conspiracy set in London has been described as "Dan Brown meets Harry Potter with more black people". The story of rapper and journalist, Sherlock Delgado, on his quest to find his friend's killer fuses technology, hip hop music and more to solve the murder and uncover hidden forces in modern London. 

Sherlock is a blogger on a mission to uncover corruption wherever he sees it and has just won a log-awaited victory against the Heliopolis Corporation. The day after the verdict he wakes up to hear that his friend TJ has been murdered. Sherlock decides to investigate, using his old street contacts and knowledge of London's underground to follow a trail that takes some of the most prominent members of society.

An excerpt from

City of Conspiracy


Here's what a

fan had to say

This is more than a book more on an experience. This is a quantum leap in entertainment this combines reading with social media. An interactive experience that has you on Tumblr, twitter, text messages and I even found an interesting youtube video to watch.

This reminds of the great game The Walking Dead by Tale Tell, which did not have the best graphics...but how that game changed the way all games should be. This book is the same...no thrillers will ever be on the same level as this book. Enjoy the game.


How does it work?

The thriller is mostly contained within the book and the e-book but there are some story elements that are only for the adventurous: text the numbers in the book exactly as they are written, send emails when instructed and you will be rewarded with clues, songs and more. The texts are all standard rate (free if you have free texts in your plan) and City of Conspiracy will not contact you outside the confines of the game.