"Murder, intrigue on the streets of San Francisco." Murder on Potrero Hill by @EmeraldAuthor

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Murder on 

Potrero Hill

A Peyton Brooks' Mystery

Written by M.L. Hamilton

Genre: Mystery, Police Procedural

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Peyton knows the first suspect is always the husband, but Jake Ryder isn’t acting like a typical suspect. Jake truly loved his wife. So what went wrong? 

Stepping into the circle of the social elite, Peyton finds that things work differently when you’re at the top. And Jake Ryder seems to be caught in the epicenter. 

Ultimately, Peyton finds that you never know what darkness lurks in the human mind and that some will murder to keep that darkness hidden.

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Murder on 

Potrero Hill


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Fans are saying

Let me start by saying I am often disappointed by the bargain books I buy for my Kindle. Not so with Murder on Potrero Hill (A Peyton Brooks' Mystery). I borrowed it for free as part of my Prime membership and thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Hamilton creates a good balance between realistic character development and believable action.

I was so impressed with Hamilton's engaging style, I bought the second book in the series, Murder in the Tenderloin (A Peyton Brooks' Mystery)--another excellent read--which further develops the characters of Payton and D'Angelo and even includes Jake in a surprising new role.

I'm definitely looking forward to Hamilton's next foray into murder and intrigue on the streets of San Francisco.Help other customers find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? Yes NoReport abuse | Permal

Although ths book is quite a bargain for the Kindle version, it is worth so much more. This mystery had me hooked from the first page.

A young man is facing murder charges for something he didn't do, and both he and the reader wonder who he can trust. Page by page, the truth is revealed interwoven with great suspense and action.

San Francisco is not just the setting, but a wonderful character in the story as well. I am not typically a murder mystery fan, but heard about this book and gave it a try.

I finished it in a day and a half and couldn't put it down. I love the detective, Peyton Brooks, and was so thankful there was a second book featuring her character. I can't wait for more! Buy it for yourself and you'll be a fan as well!

Author Bio

M.L. Hamilton

ML Hamilton has been teaching high school English and journalism in Central California for the last 20 years. Teaching students to appreciate literature has made her career rewarding; however, she always dreamed of publishing her own novel. 

That dream came true. Her first novel, Emerald, was published by Wild Wolf Publishing in 2010. The sequel to Emerald, The Heirs of Eldon, followed in 2011. The third novel, The Star of Eldon, was released in 2012, with The Spirit of Eldon being released in 2013. The fifth World of Samar book, The Sanctuary of Eldon, will be published in 2014. 

In the summer of 2011, she published her first contemporary fiction, Ravensong, and six months later, launched the Peyton Brooks' series. 

Between teaching and writing, she spends her free time walking her two Golden Retrievers and reading. Visit her at her websites: www.worldofsamar.com or authormlhamilton.com for more information.