"Blend of romance and mystery...flawlessly." Young Love Lost by @BurrisDoug #suspense

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Young Love Lost

Coastal Carolina Mysteries

Written by Doug Burris

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Where does innocence go?

While vacationing on the beach at Emerald Isle, North Carolina, high school student David Jennings meets an intriguing girl. Mary Roberts ignites feelings that stay with him even after they both return to their homes. Summer after summer, they reunite, building on the love that started to bloom from the first day.

Not only does David discover romance, but he also learns what “family” can mean. The loving Roberts family is in stark contrast to the Jennings. David is the only child of Roy, an ex-Marine and rigid cop, and secretive Sarah. As the young couple explores their future, the family secrets unravel—until tragic events manage to both bring together and divide the two families.

“Young Love Lost” is a tale of romance and suspense that will keep you guessing until the last page.

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Young Love Lost


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Fans are saying

I was so totally thrown by the twist that the author put in, I had chills.

I would love to tell you several things that unfold but I really think you need to experience the twists and turns as I did.

I will give you one little tidbit-the ending rocked.

The author really hit this one out of the ball park. Impressive read.

— Diana L

This book is perfect for me for several reasons. The first thing that stood out to me about Young Love Lost is the vivid, rich writing style that the author uses to express the story.

This is one of the few books where I feel that I can really visualize it almost exactly how the author intended it to be expressed and it's definitely due to the detail-rich writing.

What really had me hooked, though, is the blend of romance and mystery that are combined through the plot; both of these genres are two of my favorite so it's great for me to see them mixed together so well and executed so flawlessly.

Author Bio

Doug Burris

Doug Burris is a multi-genre storyteller whose first work focused on paranormal short stories. A Virginia native, he earned a Psychology degree from the College of William and Mary and a graduate degree in Information Technology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Doug served in the U.S. Naval Air Reserves as an aviation control tower technician on aircraft carriers. 

After a long career in information technology, Doug now enjoys retirement in his home state of Virginia, with his wife, five dogs, and three cats, with two daughters and a grandson who live nearby. He enjoys drums, tennis, reading, and photography. He has traveled to more than 25 foreign countries, but always returns home to Virginia. 

Doug has a personal connection with Emerald Isle, the location of Young Love Lost, having spent many vacations as an adult on this North Carolina island. During his teenage years, Doug's primary vacation spot was Holden Beach, North Carolina.