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The Sorcerer's Daughter

Accidental Sorcerers

Written by Larry Kollar

Genre: Fantasy

As Bailar and his apprentices help the Conclave prepare for conflict with the rogue sorcerers, Sura learns that she is a descendant of a noble House in the Alliance. But when she discovers the price of her history, it may be too late.

Belinda F.'s Review

I haven't read the previous two books Larry Kollar's series so I came to this without any of the history of the two main characters but I really don't think it mattered. Although there clearly is a back story The Sorcerer's Daughter stands alone and is a really good read in its own right (having said that any of the previous story that is useful to know is seamlessly woven into the narrative).

The main character is Sura although Mik is a close support and vital to her story. Their magical growth is mirrored by their journey into their own maturity - they learn about their talents but at the same time about their feelings for each other. This makes both characters feel real and relatable despite being skilled in magical arts. They have obviously grown during the series and Sura's discovery of her own ancestry and her decisions of how to deal with what she learns all add to her journey.

The Sorcerer's Daughter is a short read but an enjoyable one. I can see that followers of the series might find the fact that this is little more than a short story a bit frustrating but the standard of the writing and the development of the characters will hopefully make up for that.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.