Bloggers, you could win a $10 gift card or Paypal cash. Details here:

You could win a $10 Amazon gift card or Paypal cash. All you have to do is blog about our February Scavenger Hunt, which can be found here. Then let me know about your blog post by filling out the Rafflecopter widget below.

Please read the following carefully.

After you publish your blog post, you can earn a daily entry by tweeting about this giveaway (from this post). Either way, the winning entry will be from a blogger.

You may use any and all of the material from the Scavenger Hunt post, which can be found here.

You may use any of the book covers that are in Cover Wars, which you can get from here.

If your blog host allows Rafflecopter widgets, such as Blogger and self-hosted Wordpress sites (as opposed to sites), you do not have to link to our Scavenger Hunt post, but you do have to include the Rafflecopter widget. Get the code for the widget HERE.

By promoting your own post through the widget (tweets & Facebook statuses) as well as the Scavenger Hunt as a whole, you or one of your readers could win 1 of 11 books being given away in this month's Scavenger Hunt.

If you have a site or some other host which does not allow Rafflecopter widgets, you must link to our Scavenger Hunt post. And please make it obvious. If I can't easily find the link to our post, preferably near the top of your post, your entry will not count.

Which means that if Rafflecopter picks you as the winner from a tweet entry, your post still has to either have the Rafflecopter widget or link to our Scavenger Hunt post as described above. Otherwise I'll move on to the next winner.

Once again, our Scavenger Hunt post can be found HERE.

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