A unique love story. Wind-Up Hearts by @StanSwanson #steampunk #romance

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Wind-Up Hearts

Written by Stan Swanson

Genre: Steampunk Romance

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If one’s heart is constructed of metal and considered indestructible, can love and romance still find a place within? 

That is the question facing Henry Thackery who spends over a hundred years pursuing the woman of his dreams—Emily Harding. After Henry and Emily become recipients of the Merganthol Circulatory Assistance Device, we follow their journey from 1875 to the present day and Henry’s unflinching quest to convince Emily (the love of his life) to become his bride. 

Will Henry be successful in his pursuit of love or will Emily ultimately “break” his indestructible heart? 

A tale of romance more than science fiction, Wind-Up Hearts will tug at the strings of your heart whether it be mechanical or flesh and blood.

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Wind-Up Hearts


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Fans are saying

Reading short stories is becoming one of my favourite moments of the week. They are like a small but expensive bottle of perfume. They may seem to be a quick read, but sometimes they linger in the senses because of their powerful ingredients. Wind-up Hearts is such a neat little treasure.

I loved the elegant and witty banter that the characters keep in their weekly rendezvous at the park, how they happily tease each other and then how deeply their feelings run. The author is really great at mixing the light-hearted side with the tragedy that lines both characters' lives. 

— Babel

This is a great book for those that believe in one true love, and reincarnation. Do you always love the same soul over and over no matter what body that soul is currently hosted in?

Those questions are exactly what this book is about. It's a unique love story between Emily and Henry. Henry always remembers Emily. However Emily does not always seem to remember Henry. It must be so hard, and sad for Henry.

I'm a sucker for love stories. I love to read all kinds of love stories. This one is unique though.