"The beginning of a badass series." The Caregiver by @artistikem #thriller

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The Caregiver

Book 1 of The Caregiver Series

Written by Astrid 'Artistikem' Cruz 

Genre: Crime Thriller

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Scarlett Lang always dreamt of becoming an Interpol agent. When her hard work pays off and she's given the chance to work as an undercover agent with London's biggest drug lord, Armand Sayer, she can't help being ecstatic about it.

She's employed by Armand's sister (to aid in his recovery from a gun attack) as both caregiver and bodyguard. Her resourcefulness in both areas helps her win much more than Armand's trust, to the dismay of both his right-hand man and her ex-boyfriend / colleague.

As she makes her way into the business she swore to help tear down, she's faced with the dilemma of choosing between being loyal to her profession or her heart. And we all know it can't be both.

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The Caregiver


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Fans are saying

Leaves you wanting to read the next one!

Wow! What a ride! I read this book in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down. Scarlett is a strong character who has to grapple with some very intense feelings as her time with Armand progresses.

You feel for her because you know she has worked so hard for her position as an undercover agent, but her heart is steering her in a different direction.

I fear that I've already told you too much, so I'm not going to go much further than that. The last thing I HAVE to say is that the very last scene is jaw-dropping and makes you want to jump right into Book 2!

The beginning of a badass series

This book is captivating from beginning to end. The character development is spot on; I couldn't help to fall in love with Armand and wish to be as tough as Scarlett.

Picking up "The Caregiver" was a welcome change from reading commercial goodies. Astrid Cruz is a promising indie author, she has a knack for making plot twists sneak up on you, and don't get me started on that cliffhanger! I can't wait for the second book!!

— Ally 

Author Bio

Astrid 'Artistikem' Cruz 

Astrid 'Artistikem' Cruz, lives in Puerto Rico with her husband, their always cheerful cockatiel DalĂ­, a lovable Scottish Terrier by the name of MacDuff and two rescues: Rue the Shar Pei mix and Jin-Jing the black ninja cat. 

Whenever she doesn't have her nose buried in a book, you'll find her writing until the wee hours of the morning, making films, or riding with her husband on their motorcycle.