"Delightfully sweet, often funny and clever." Buried Secrets by @AYStratton #romance

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Buried Secrets

Written by A. Y. Stratton

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Luck brings them together—bad luck could be the death of them.

On a frigid Milwaukee night, professional fundraiser Kate Harvey sneaks into an attorney's house hoping to rescue documents for her grandmother. Attorney Nathan Crosby sneaks into the same house trying to collect evidence of the lawyer's dirty dealings.

Neither expects to land in the midst of a vendetta.

But when they stumble over a dead body, they know there's more going on than either could have imagined. Racing to solve the mystery of long-past misdeeds, Nathan and Kate soon realize that criminals aren't their only danger. Kate's never met a man who attracts her more than Nathan. Nathan can't think straight with brave, beautiful Kate around.

But the cost of getting involved might just be their lives...

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Buried Secrets


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Fans are saying

The descriptions of Milwaukee in the winter were so dead on accurate, I kicked up my fireplace to counteract the chills. A.Y. Stratton did a wonderful job of cleverly interjecting clues then twisting them. I liked the pace and character development, as well. And the hero? I wouldn't mind hiding in a closet with him.

— Ashantay

This was a delightfully sweet, often funny and clever romance. The way the hero and heroine hooked up was hilariously fresh, and the romance sustained my interest.

I love books set in my home state and this did it justice--both real and well-researched, even if fiction.

The mystery kept me guessing, even though I had my ideas. The secondary characters were well-drawn and detailed. A nice addition. Light mystery, romance-type read. Recommended.

Author Bio

A. Y. Stratton

I read widely, best sellers, historical fiction, mysteries, romances.  

I like to write stories about people who fall in love at an inconvenient time time in their lives and stumble across a dangerous secret.