Survey: what kind of E-reader do you have?

Since I primarily promote ebooks on Amazon, I'm really interested to see what percentage of our readers have Kindles and what kinds of Kindles. For those that don't have Kindles I'm not particularly concerned with the type (touch, color, etc...), but it would be nice to know the percentage who don't have Kindles. The same goes for those who read via laptop or don't read ebooks at all.

If you buy/download ebooks from Amazon, please specify which Kindles you read from. If you have a Kindle that you don't use for reading ebooks, such as a Kindle Fire for watching Netflix, please do not include that in your poll answer. The same goes for other devices. If you have other devices that you don't read ebooks on, don't include them in the results.

In other words, I'm only interested in knowing which devices you read ebooks from.