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Title Author Genre Rating Reviewer
After The CrashStuart JaffeScience Fiction4Linda
Love You to PiecesPatricia A. RaseyMystery, Romance4Jenny Buijs
Special OffersM.L. RyanRomance, Fantasy4Crystal Newman
Arcadia's GiftJesi Lea RyanYoung Adult Science Fiction4JeNai
The Mountain City BronzesMadeleine McLaughlinGeneral Fiction, Horror4Alana Mander
Special OffersM.L. RyanRomance, Fantasy5Serena Akeroyd
Myth WeaverDavid J. NormoyleYoung Adult Fantasy3Abha C
Mother of WolvesZoe BrooksGeneral Fiction, Historic Fantasy4Sarai
The Altercation of ViraKenechi UdoguYoung Adult Fantasy3Jenny Buijs
Alligators OverheadC. Lee McKenzieGeneral Fiction4Kim Piddington
Contract of DefianceTammy SalyerScience Fiction4Walki
The Sandoval Sisters' Secret of Old BloodSandra Ramos O'BriantGeneral Fiction, Historical3Alana Mander
Paper DreamsPhyllis J. BurtonGeneral Fiction2Sandra
DRT: A Ghost StoryEric ThomasMystery, Horror4Mark Lee
Murder Takes TimeGiacomo GiammatteoMystery5Saffron Bryant
A Turnkey or Not?Tony LevyAutobiography3Roy McCarthy
Special OffersM.L. RyanRomance, Fantasy5Danielle Forrest
The ThrowbacksStephanie QueenMystery, Romance4Sarah Lee
Mother of WolvesZoe BrooksGeneral Fiction, Historical5Walki
PhantomLaura DeLucaYoung Adult5Linda
Hell's GiftK. S. HaigwoodFantasy4Fallon Christy
CollapseRichard StephensonScience Fiction, Dystopia5Saffron Bryant
Wide AwakeDaniele LanzarottaYoung Adult, Paranormal Romance2Alana Mander
Pieces     Chad SchimkeGeneral Fiction2Roy McCarthy
The Liar's Guide to South America     Mike DelwicheRomance2Fallon Christy
A Kiss for Emily     J.P. GaluskaYoung Adult, Paranormal3Walki
Smite the Damned     Zack KullisFantasy, Horror3Danielle Forrest
A Kangaroo Court     Shankar KashyapHistorical4Roy McCarthy
The Young Jaguar     Zoe SaadiaHistorical5Mark Lee
Myth Weaver     David J. NormoyleGeneral Fiction3Linda
Wide Awake     Daniele LanzarottaYoung Adult2Kim Piddington
Michaela's Gift     Cordelia DinsmoreYoung Adult4Walki
Earth Angel     Ruth Ellen ParlourFantasy5Sarai
Aberration     Danielle SimmonsYoung Adult4Mark Woods
A Love by Any Measure     Killian McRaeRomance, Historical5Crystal Newman
Dark Inheritance: Fallen Empire     K. ReedRomance, Dystopia4Serena Akeroyd
Michaela's Gift     Cordelia DinsmoreYoung Adult4Manic Scribbler
Leandra's Enchanted Flute     Katy Huth JonesYoung Adult4Abha C
Satin Pleasures     Karen DocterRomance3Diantha
Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse     Ford ForkumScience Fiction3Sarai
Family Magic     Patti LarsenYoung Adult Paranormal4Walki
Strange Love     Victoria PearsonRomance Anthology4Alana Mander
The Ups and Downs of Being Dead     M. R. CorneliusScience Fiction Romance4Mark Lee
Becoming Human     Eliza GreenScience Fiction5Mark Lee
Darkest Embrace     Robyn M. PierceRomance, Paranormal4Crystal Newman
Alice Parker's Metamorphosis     Nicola PalmerYoung Adult Fantasy4Sandra Hessels
Sea of Trees     Robert James RussellGeneral Fiction, Suspense4Sarai
Prossia     Raphyel M. JordanYoung Adult Science Fiction4Walki
Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse     Ford ForkumScience Fiction, Humor4Mark Woods
Sketches from the Spanish Mustang     Benjamin X. WretlindGeneral Fiction4Roy McCarthy
Love Like Krazy     Kristen BeairstoRomance4Shirley Ford
The Zombie Generation     Drake VaughnScience Fiction, Horror4Mark Woods
Dremiks     Cassandra DavisScience Fiction3Mark Woods
The Boots My Mother Gave Me     Brooklyn JamesRomance4Abha C
Outerborough Blues     Andrew CottoMystery3Walki
Be Still     Tania L. RamosGeneral Fiction3Fallon Christy
Dr. Aa's Pennyroyal Tabules     Lisa Annelouise RentzHistorical3Mark Lee
Mesmer     Isabella AmarisYA Fantasy4Walki
Wild Water     Jan RuthRomance, Contemporary5Lyn
Dust to Blood (Red Slaves)     Tonya CannariatoScience Fiction3Mark Woods
Wreck of the Nebula Dream     Veronica ScottScience Fiction5Mark Lee
At Road's End     Zoe SaadiaHistorical4Mark Lee
Hellbound     Su HalfwerkFantasy5Lyn
Endless     Matt BoneFantasy4Serena
Tales From Imagination's Closet     M. AllmanGeneral Fiction Anthology4Lyn
The Other Slipper     Kenechi UdoguYoung Adult, Fantasy4JeNai
A Face To Die For     Jan WarburtonGeneral Fiction, Women's4Lyn
Book of Mercy      Sherry RobertsLiterary5Walki
A Saint Comes Stumbling In     Bonnie McCuneRomance, Contemporary5Lyn
Where Shadows Dance     Vered EhsaniYoung Adult4Walki
Broken Magic     Eric SippleYoung Adult Fantasy5Mark Lee
Domingo's Angel Jenny Twist General Fiction, Historical 5 Lyn
Sassy Singularity Sare Liz Gordy Romance 4 Debbie D
The Spaces Between Martin Gibbs Fantasy 4 Mark Lee
Dust to Blood Tonya Cannariato Fantasy 3 Walki
The Saico Chronicles: Part 2 Miranda Doerfler Horror 2 Mark Woods
Spring into Summer Eden Baylee Romance, Erotica 4 Diantha
Gangster     M. JonesScience Fiction5Walki
Blood And Guitars     Heather JensenFantasy, Paranormal5Ruby
Dark Mind     Jennifer ChaseMystery, Thriller4Charlotte Parr
Kade's Dark Embrace     Kym GrossoRomance, Paranormal3Diantha
Night Sighs     Emma MeadeRomance, Paranormal3Diantha
The New Death
and others
James HutchingsFantasy, Flash Fiction4Mark Lee
OMAR     Craig ThompsonGeneral Fiction, Suspense Thriller5Sharon Flood
Old Bones Ian Roberts Romance, Historical 4 Sharon Flood
How to Blog a Book Nina Amir Non-Fiction 5 Mark Lee
Dark Steps     Martin PondHorror, Short Stories5Wilma
Even Villains Fall In Love     Liana BrooksFantasy Romance4Diantha
PFC Liberty Stryker     Peggy TibbettsGeneral Fiction5Bec C.
Fathom Ashley Knight Young Adult Fantasy Romance 5 Beth Sorensen
Fins     Ashley KnightYoung Adult Fantasy Romance5Beth Sorensen
Silver Knight     Caron RiderYoung Adult Fantasy4Mark Lee
Willow Pond     Carol TibaldiMystery, Historical3Bec C.
Glitter and Trauma     Emma KathrynFantasy3Diantha
Day of Demons     Colin F. BarnesFantasy Anthology4Diantha
Prophecy of the Most Beautiful     Diantha JonesYoung Adult Fantasy4Bec C.
The River Runes     Ken LindseyFantasy4Mark Lee
Saving Mary—The Possession     Deidre HaverlockNon-Fiction, Paranormal Autobiography5Sharon Flood
A Dream of Storms     William KenneyFantasy3Bec C.
Diary of a Teenage Superhero Darrell Pitt Young Adult, Science Fiction 3 Bec C.
Morrigan's Harvest: The War for Inisfail Kaiya Hart Fantasy 3 Diantha Jones
Playing on Cotton Clouds Michela O'Brien General Fiction, Women's 5 Beth Sorensen
Embattled Darlene Jones Science Fiction 3 Eva Warren
Nimpentoad Henry Herz Fantasy, Children's 5 Sharon Flood
The Great Firewall Michael C. Boxall General Fiction, Thriller 4 Bec C.
Cemetery Street John Zunski Young Adult 4 Bec C.
SufferStone Stella Atrium Fantasy 3 Bec C.
Much Ado About Marshals     Jacquie RogersRomance, Western5Debbie Lee
The Between LJ Cohen Young Adult Fantasy 4 Bec C.
The Lure of Shapinsay Krista Holle Romance, Paranormal 3 Bec C.
Barcode: The Legend of Apollo Kashif Ross Young Adult Fantasy 4 Bec C.
Keir Pippa Jay Fantasy, Romance 4 Bec C.
Kill Me Alex Owens Fantasy, Paranormal 4 Mark Lee
The Secret of Green Hills     Lorraine VenterMystery2Sharon Flood
Path to Vengeance     W. H. CannScience Fiction2Bec C.
Bruthas J.L. Whitehead Mystery, Urban Crime 5 Sharon Flood
Hot Mess: speculative fiction about climate change Various Science Fiction, Short Stories 4 Mark Lee
The Anarchists     Brian ThompsonScience Fiction5Mark Lee
Henry Wood Detective Agency Brian Meeks Mystery 3 Mark Lee
The Domino Effect     Andrew CottoYoung Adult3Bec C.
The Ideal Man     James ConradRomance2Bec C.
Strike Zone John Scherber Mystery 4 Bec C.
Someone Else's Fairytale E.M. Tippetts Romance 4 Bec C.
The Cursed Man     Keith RommelGeneral Fiction, Thriller3Bec C.
Kevin's Point of View     Del ShannonYoung Adult4Bec C.
Confessions of a PTA Mafia Mom     Elsie LoveGeneral Fiction, Chick Lit4Bec C.
Undercurrent     Michelle GriepRomance5Bec C.
Blood Passage Michael J. McCann Mystery, Crime 5 Mark Lee
Storm Riders Karen Michelle Nutt Western, Steampunk 3 Bec C.
Transmat World Glen Hendrix Science Fiction 3 Bec C.
Fairy Story Simon Daryl Wood Young Adult Fantasy 4 Bec C.
H10N1 M. R. Cornelius General Fiction, Thriller 5 Bec C.
House Trap Mike Mauthor Horror 2 Bec C.
Dead Spell Belinda Frisch Young Adult Horror 3 Bec C.
Spirits Rising Krista D. Ball Fantasy, Paranormal 5 Bec C.
Falling L. C. Smith Young Adult Romance 3 Bec C.
CurbCheK Zach Fortier Non-Fiction Crime 5 Bec C.
For The Birds: a Tall Pines Mystery Aaron Paul Lazar Mystery, Paranormal 4 Bec C.
Letters to Juniper Peggy Tibbetts Young Adult 5 Bec C.
Caldera: The Book of Ixkin Matthew Cousineau Fantasy 3 Bec C.
Gold Train Lada Ray General Fiction, Thriller 3 Mark Lee
The Banned Underground: The Amulet of Kings Will Macmillan Jones Fantasy 3 Bec C.
Legends of Auryona: Return of the Queen T. D. Wulf Fantasy 2 Bec C.
Sylvianna Keryl Raist Fantasy 4 Bec C.
Moral Authority Jacob Z. Flores General Fiction 4 Bec C.
On Message Joyce T. Strand Mystery 3 Bec C.
Everything I Tell You is a Lie (A novella) Fingers Murphy Mystery 5 Bec C.
The Speed of Darkness Sarah Baethge Fantasy 3 Bec C.
Passing Love Jacqueline E. Luckett General Fiction 5 Bec C.
Finding Justus Amanda Bretz Romance 4 Bec C.
Lisa's Way Robert Collins Science Fiction 3 Bec C.
Orpheus Dan DeWitt Horror 5 Bec C.
Destinies Karleene Morrow Historical 5 Bec C.
Taking Control Kimberly Mullican Mystery 4 Bec C.
Next Time We Steal The Carillon Louie Flann Mystery 3 Bec C.
Hoot Hoot Stephen Dickmann General Fiction 2 Bec C.
The Story in the Stars Yvonne Anderson Science Fiction 4 Bec C.
Saint Nick and the Fir Tree Nancy Adams Short Story 4 Bec C.
Character Development From The Inside Out Scott Morgan Non-Fiction 5 Mark Lee
The Punished Peter Meredith Horror 5 Bec C.
A Soul to Steal Rob Blackwell Mystery 5 Bec C.
Mind Over Matter S.J. Clarke Romance, Paranormal 3 Bec C.
Small as a Mustard Seed Shelli Johnson Historical 4 Bec C.
Memoirs of a Dating Dad Daniel Ruyter Memoir, Advice 4 Bec C.
Pterripus: The Awakening Kristl Thompson Fantasy 5 Sharon Flood
Force of Habit Marian Allen Science Fiction 5 Bec C.
Zombie Bible: Death has come up into our Windows Stant Litore Horror 4 Bec C.
Beneath Adrian Price Horror, Short Story 5 Sharon Flood
Trueblood's Plight E.S. Lark Fantasy 5 Sharon Flood
Orpheus Dan DeWitt Horror 5 Sharon Flood

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