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Gray Justice

Tom Gray #1

by Alan McDermott

When a son is killed by a career criminal who spends just a few months in jail for his crime, the father can either accept the decision of the court, or make his voice heard: When it happens to Tom Gray he chooses the latter and takes retribution to a whole new level.


January 21st 2010

Stuart Boyle held the Subaru Impreza at a steady thirty miles per hour as he headed towards the town centre.  Red traffic lights halted his progress and he gazed around at the people in the cars, on the buses, walking the streets or sitting in their offices, most of them either at work or heading to work.
He couldn’t understand the appeal of working eight hours, doing someone else’s bidding all day long for a just a couple of hundred pounds a week.  In comparison, he was sitting in a nice motor that took just three minutes to steal and would earn him £500 by the end of the day.  That fact that he regularly got caught didn't bother him: it was an occupational risk he was willing to take.  Capture was simply an inconvenience, another few hours spent in a cell when he could be out casing his next hit.
No, as things stood, work wasn't for him. 
He caressed the wheel of the Subaru he had stolen the night before, wishing he could keep it a bit longer, but he'd already told Sammy Christodoulou that he had it.  Sammy wanted it straight away, and you didn't piss around with Sammy.  No, best to hand it over, take the cash and see what tomorrow brings.  Maybe he'd keep the next one to himself for a few days.
“See what other music they got.” he ordered Martin Kyle, who was sitting in the passenger seat. 
In the back, Tim Garbutt nodded his head to the current beat and voiced his displeasure when the disc was changed.
“Aww, I was listening to that.”
“Stop bleating, Timmy,” Kyle said, switching the CD for something with a bit more drum and bass, “my gran wouldn’t even listen to that crap.”
Boyle laughed, but his eyes were on the black Skoda coming towards them.  The thick aerial first caught his attention, and as it neared he saw the white shirts and black epaulettes of the occupants that identified them as police in an unmarked car.  The Skoda passed them and in his rear view mirror he watched it continue for another hundred yards before the blue lights illuminated and it performed a u-turn.
Game on.