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The Throne of Olympus

by A.M. Day


“My king’s heart broke after the death of his sister, but it shattered the day he learned of my betrayal. This was one of the most sorrowful and difficult times we ever had to bear.

“There was a soggy chill throughout Mt. Olympus that day. He found me standing in the corridor. I watched as he held onto the Temptress Allura by her neck. The deceit had been exposed. He had heard it from Allura’s lips.

“The anger in his eyes flared forth like the red glow of the setting sun. He flung Allura to the ground. She moaned in pain after hitting the hard, cold stone. The more I tried to explain the more it angered him. He knew of my trips to Under Earth and my agreement with Queen Persephone.

“A streaming force of thunderbolts began to blaze from his fingers. The power of Zeus coursed through him stronger now as he struck and showered crumbled stone down around us. He threw one hand high in the air and pointed in my direction. I couldn’t move; partly from the fear of his rage and partly because I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. At least I hoped he wouldn’t. He hesitated with sadness in his eyes, but also reproach. Finally, he struck the wall behind me. It didn’t matter that the Unworthy played a dreadful hand in his sister’s unexpected demise. In his mind, I was the reason his sister was dead. After all, it was me who brought his enemy back into his life.

“I shouted for Allura to get away from Olympus. She could see the king losing his focus. She ran, but he caught her before she turned the corridor’s corner, striking the ground in front of her. I chased after them witnessing his irrational rage.

“My king gazed at me with anger boiling. He accused me of being disloyal. I felt a slow burning bubble inside me as he unleashed more hurtful words, accusations. My chest began to rapidly move, in and out, and up and down. I couldn’t control the tremors of my body. I no longer felt like myself.

“More cold winds blew and pushed through the corridor. The lights dimmed with unpredictable flickers. How could he say those awful things to me? I gave him all of me…all my life and my love. I turned to walk away and the wind whipped back onto him. He walked through the swooshing air to catch me and grabbed my arm. Suddenly, he was gone. I’d sent him away from me with an inexplicable surge of power. What is happening to me? I thought. It was then that I knew the wrath of my powers. They had completely surfaced. I felt more in control than ever. Although I never imagined that I would have to use my powers on my husband, my love, my king, but he was not always my king...”

The preceding passages are from the queen’s journal that tells about one of the many hardships the king and queen of Olympus had to endure. True, he was not always her king and she not always his queen.

It is difficult to give credence to the fact that only a few months ago the king and queen were mortals living on earth. Now, they are gods ruling on Mt. Olympus.

This is the story of descendants from Greek gods, the Throne of Olympus, how two mortals will take the throne becoming a modern day Zeus and Hera, and of their quests to fulfill. Their first quest is to stop the Unworthy from raising the demigod Argus. They must prevent the impending enemy takeover of Mt. Olympus. I am the Destiny Oracle bound by the gods to tell their story.

To know their story is to unravel it from the beginning.

Author Bio

A.M. Day is an American writer, former freelance journalist and avid FOC (Freak of Coffee) living in Wisconsin with her children and their dog Simi. She grew up in the Windy City, where she first tasted the zest for writing and directing as a young girl after her sister took her in to work one day and she saw a transforming performance of A Christmas Carol at the downtown Chicago Goodman Theatre.

Though her journey has been long and winding to write, no matter what was going on, writing has always come back to her full circle. A.M. Day finally put a stop to anything that had nothing to do with her dreams of becoming a writer, and so, she wrote...and wrote...and wrote.

The Throne of Olympus Book One: Blood Bond is A.M. Day's debut novel for this Modern-day Twist, Greek Myth/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance series.

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