This blew me away. The Night of Revelations by @FionaSkyeWriter #fantasy

The Night of Revelations

A Riley O'Rourke Story

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by Fiona Skye

Life is pretty normal for Tucson Gazette reporter Riley O'Rourke. She has good friends and a close family, plenty of boyfriends, and a successful why would she want to throw it all away just to reveal her true nature to the world?

Riley is a Cat, a Shapeshifter who becomes a Jaguar every full moon and when her mentor, a 3,000-year-old vampire, decides he's tired of hiding who he is, Riley joins him in the Night of Revelations.

Praise for The Night of Revelations

Honestly, this blew me away. Believe me, I work in an industry where I see tons of hack writing every day, so Ms. Skye's work is a breath of fresh air.

Frankly, it takes a great fight scene to keep my attention. I tend to fall asleep -- even when it's on screen. But her fight scenes were great -- just enough to keep my attention without being over the top. I found myself tensing as I read it, and when it gets that kind of visceral reaction, it's good! She's got it all here--creatures, magick, suspense, action--right in this first chapter.

Ms. Skye is an excellent visual writer -- she shows instead of tells. You're right there with Riley O'Rourke in every scene -- tasting it all.