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The Fallen Star

Book One of The Lost Child Saga

Written by Saffron Bryant

Genre: Fantasy

Book Synopsis

Diatoria, home of the Draconum, is a secluded village hidden by the eternal shadow of a volcano. The Draconum are charged with protecting the powerful remnants of a star that descended from the Heavens centuries before.

Their peaceful life is shattered when a member of their own faith attempts to steal the sacred Shard at the direction of an unseen power. As the only free members of their race Laila, her dragon companion Eros, Sarin and his dragon Fervidious frantically hunt for the lost star. The race is on to save their homeland and the souls of everyone in it.

Laura Greenwood's Review

I LOVED this book, it had all the elements of a good fantasy book, a quest, some bad luck, magic, and of course a love story! What I particularly liked about it was that the quest didn't always go the best way for the characters, and they had to learn to work together in order to complete it. This meant that they had to develop as characters and people, making it much more believable.

I found that the writing style was a little odd in places, there were times when it was hard to tell whether animal characters were male or female, not that this actually mattered much in the grand scheme of things!

I particularly liked the relationships between the Draconium and their dragons, it was more like a friendship than a pet and master relationship. Saying that I wouldn't actually even describe it as a friendship, it felt like more than that! There was a real depth to their relationships. Similarly the relationships between the humanoid characters were full of depth and seemed like really real relationships.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

Content Disclaimer: It isn't very often but there are incidences of sex in the book, including one scene at the start where a character is nearly raped.

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