You might want to stay awake and read on through the night. #bookreview

Contract of Defiance

Spectras Arise Trilogy

Written by Tammy Salyer

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Synopsis

In a few hundred years, the Algol system becomes humanity's new home. The question is: is it a better one? When a crew of arms smugglers botches their latest job, Corps-deserter and crewmember, Aly Erikson, is separated from her brother, the only person she can trust, and left behind to fight for her life.

In the aftermath, as she tries to piece together what happened, a crew of roughneck settlers pressgang her into a dangerous mission in the heart of Corps territory. Time is running out to get back everything she's lost: her crew, her brother, and her options. But no one is taking her gun.

Walki's Rating & Review

When Rajcik and his crew raid an Admin station on Obal 3 to steal an holodisc, Aly and David Erikson get separated. David is captured by the Corps soldiers, Aly is kidnapped by a third party. This third party, Captain Vitruzzi and her crew, also wants the holodisc as it contains maps and coordinates for the Fortress, where some of their friends are kept prisoners. This is where the admin develop weapons, and Rajcik is after one of them. This is also where Aly's brother is likely to be sent if the soldiers don't kill him immediatly.

This is a fast-paced, well written scifi novel, where Aly has to decide who she can trust, and who is more likely to help her free her brother. Aly Erikson and Eleanor Vitruzzi are two strong female characters, as stubborn as each other, whom the readers get to know and learn to appreciate throughout this novel. They each have their reasons to turn their backs on the Admin.

With 'Contract of Defiance' Tammy Salyer wrote an entertaining and captivating story with very likeable characters. There is great suspense throughout the book, intermingled with moments to relax with the characters while waiting for the next event to unfold.

In fact you might want to stay awake and read on through the night.

Review Disclaimer: Book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.