Print books aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

The number of ebooks sold last year grew 43% from the previous year. This may sound like huge growth, but the ebook market has actually slowed somewhat. Growth before that was in the triple digits. What’s contributed to the slow down?

For starters, you can’t expect the market to keep doubling every year. It will eventually even out. With so many people turning to a digital format, you might think print copies are on the way out. Not according to the numbers. Hardback sales actually rose 6% during the same time period. Paperback numbers are not known, and because of Print On Demand services such as Createspace, it’s probably impossible to get an exact figure.

Although there are people who will still switch or add digital to their reading formats, many people have already chosen their preferred format and won’t switch. For many people, printed media is the only format. They refuse to even try an ebook.

Because of this, print books aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. What happens for the next generation is anyone’s guess. The kids that are growing up today in a digital world may turn to ebooks completely, though personally I doubt it.

I’ve seen many a young reader with a nose in a paperback. I’ve even asked a few if they’ve tried ebooks. I get a lot of noes, and these are from families that probably could afford the devices. There will always be a market for paper products.

What do you think?