Although the story premise had promise, ... #bookreview

Wide Awake

Academy of the Fallen Series

Written by Daniele Lanzarotta

Genre: Young Adult

Book Synopsis

Kayla is a 16-year-old girl who was adopted when she was little. She lives a normal life, with great friends, loving adoptive parents, and well... a not-so-great boyfriend. But the reason why she was given up for adoption was far from any usual reason. She was meant to be kept away from the Academy and anything else related to the supernatural beings that could hurt her.

Unfortunately for Kayla, it was only a matter of time before she encountered the creatures from the Otherworld, and there is just no running away from the beings that she can now see.

In trying to protect Kayla by keeping her away from the Academy, she may have just been put in even more danger.

Kim Piddington's Rating

Kim Piddington's Review

I had high hopes for Wide Awake. The cover art was professional and the book blurb was intriguing. A main character that was adopted and would have some dealings with other worldly beings promised to be fast paced and engrossing. Regrettably, it did not take long for my hopes to be dashed.

Several things kept me from enjoying this novel. First, the author’s vocabulary was simplistic (in the opening paragraphs the adjectives used to describe the main character's boyfriend and closest friends were: awesome, okay, great) and not very descriptive. Unfortunately the lack of detail kept me from getting to know, connect, or care about any of the characters, with the possible exception of the main character, Kayla.

Secondly, connections between characters, facts about events that occurred, and descriptions of the Otherworld were often vague, leaving me confused. For example, why isn’t Chase welcome at the Academy? What characteristics do the Fallen have? What in the world is a Nephilim? The author “assumed” I’d know or understand what these character types were; they were never described or explained.

Lastly, an abrupt POV change in Chapter 28 (from Kayla’s to Hunter’s) and then back again in Chapter 34, left me feeling disconnected. Multiple point of views are fine, but should follow some kind of pattern.

Although the story premise had promise, in my opinion the author failed to deliver and I was left with more questions than answers.

Review Disclaimer: Book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.