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Campaign of the Gods

by Mike Evers

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When Norse god Týr suspects his friend Thor is cheating in the phenomenal board game ‘Campaign of the Gods’ he takes matters into his own hands and searches out the only being in Asgard who can help solve his problem. But things are not what they seem…

And once the forces of Hel are unleashed, only legendary Viking berserker Ivar Ragnarsson and his men can possibly save the day. They just have to work out when in history they are first - and why are the local townspeople so strange?

Praise for Campaign of the Gods

This is an excellent story that brings Vikings and creatures from the ancient world into the modern world of today. Talk about culture shock.

This short story is absolutely full of action, making it an exciting and interesting page turner. It's also manages to be funny, with some down to earth characters and bizarre hapenings. As well as all this, it's also educational and with no prior knowledge of viking history, i feel like i learnt a lot too. Such a lot packed in!

This author has taken the Viking Tales of Thor and his men protecting humanity and blended them into a fictional story that attracts the reader and delights in the memories and language of the Viking's literature and then go back to the present to the policeman and his partner and their interaction with the Vikings and the foes, he has a hostage, this reader off to finished this delightful tale of the Campaign of the Gods.

This short story is packed with action from beginning lines through to the end of the book. The small town is plagued with time-transported Vikings; lead by their hero Ivar the Boneless, in a pitched battle with a pack of wolves lead by Fenrir, the wolf god son of Loki.

Author Bio

As an author I usually write Fantasy or Urban Fantasy, quite often with a twist. My first novel - The Chaosifier - mixes fantasy, adventure, humour and philosophy in a modern day setting. For various reasons it is unavailable at the moment, but I plan to re-publish a 2nd edition in the not too distant future.

My most recent work, the novella ‘The Spirit Archer’ brings a different angle to one of the most famous characters in English legend. I have aimed these books at teens and young adults in particular – though older readers have told me they’ve enjoyed them greatly too. I enjoy working with GMTA and really love the passion and enthusiasm they bring to the publishing process.

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