J is for John aka @john_mulhall, recom'd by @LindaDL #atozchallenge #writer

J is for

John Mulhall

Recommended by Linda Larsen

Why did you recommend this author?

John Mulhall is a truly talented writer. His words create pictures on the page, drawing the reader in to the story in such a way that the characters and settings remain vividly in one's mind long after the story has ended.

Geddy's Moon

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Why do you recommend this book?

Geddy's Moon is a gripping and frightening story, enriched by layers of emotion- poignancy, sadness, touches of humor, hope, and, of course, terror- it's a real page turner. Fans of the horror genre will not be disappointed, but I also think readers who may not have given horror a chance, would be pleasantly surprised by how much they'd like this novel.


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