A Very Unique #AtoZChallenge Blog from @ClarissaDraper

I went on a search to find some interesting writing blogs participating in the A to Z Challenge, but I found something even better: one particular blog I'd like to feature. The concept is so original that I dare not look further because I know I wouldn't find anything else this unique if I looked for an hour.

Without further ado ...

Clarissa Draper: Listening to the voices...

That's a link to the blog. If you want to go and check it out without reading the rest, I will completely understand.

But to give you a preview, the blog is taking a very unique spin on the A to Z Challenge. She's making you work, but it's the fun kind. Well, for some of us. A daily puzzle or code to crack. There's monetary incentive at the end of the month. We are 13 days in to the month so about half way done with the challenge. I'd get cracking if you'd like a chance at the Amazon gift card.

While you're at it, follow the blogger on Twitter.