N is for New Eyes aka @lrlee, recom'd by @MarianAllen #atozchallenge

N is for

New Eyes

Leslie R. Lee

Recommended by Marian Allen

Why did you recommend this author?

Leslie has "new eyes": His photography and his fiction are those of someone who sees everything with preconceptions set aside. His attitude is fresh and creative and all his own. Neither he nor his work can be tucked into a comfortable pigeonhole. He challenges his viewers, readers, and friends to THINK, and he does so casually, just as part of being himself.


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Why do you recommend this book?

A brilliant book, PACKAGED begins as a normal morning for a normal woman. Odd things begin to happen. Things get odder and odder and, like Alice down the rabbit hole, the characters and the reader become helplessly entangled in a reality that's more like a dream. The story follows flawless dream logic and, just when you think it MUST go out of control -- it doesn't. PACKAGED is an absolutely masterful exercise in imagination harnessed to authorial control.


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