H is for Hunters. Pendant: an Undead Hunters novel by @Quiet_Noise #atozchallenge


The Undead Hunters
Book One

by Stephen C. Ormsby

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Varnok the Great Wizard wants revenge against the people who burnt him at the stake for murder three hundred years before. He has waited patiently in Hell for his opportunity.

Now, the Pendant has come together, and the time to make the pay for their actions against him is here. He will release his power upon Earth.

Maggie finds half a pendant in a sea-side market and Logan is given his by family, forcing the two into a horrific world they had never imagined, and running for their lives.

Will they learn the secret of the Pendant before it is too late?

Will there new-found love be strong enough to stop Varnok, a three hundred year old Wizard from the pits of Hell?


24 April, 1664

“Hear ye, Hear ye!” The Town Crier’s opening words and chiming bell broke him out of a restless semi-sleep, the second time that day those words and noise plagued him. The first being this morning when they proclaimed the events of the day, but now the day had passed and the hour closed in on him.

“Hear ye all. On this auspicious date of the twenty fourth day of the month of April, in the year of our Lord Sixteen Hundred and Sixty Four, we have now reached the hour for removing this heinous beast from our midst. The town of Beverly, Massachusetts has proclaimed the man known as Conrad White as a witch of the highest degree, using the magical powers granted him by powers unknown to Heaven to do unspeakable acts upon innocent people. For this, there is only one outcome – to be burnt at the stake.”

Hearing the rustling of tinder as people continued to add wood to the pyre, he knew what awaited him. Perfect night for being burned at the stake. Even through the semi-conscious state he’d achieved, he heard the officials bringing wood in, and then people walking past all day adding more and more pieces to it. Now he could hear men grunting as they tied ropes around the stack. It must be large, as the footsteps to walk around it were many.

He hung on the wall like a skeleton, wrists chained above his head. Attempting to stretch only reminded him of his shackles and broke open wounds refusing to heal. He felt blood running down his arms, from the chains stripping the flesh from his wrists. Ankles chained only inches from the floor, and he could feel rats nibbling at his feet.

Conrad adjusted to the pain after hanging there for many days, waiting for this night. Fear had come and gone in that time, leaving him to suffer alone. Spitting out blighted blood running into his mouth, he felt the sting of the cut on his face burning with infection. He’d wondered whether he would die hanging on the wall or burnt at the stake. Now he knew.

“Don’t know why you are smiling.” A whisper from his right invaded his ears as a crack of thunder lit up the dungeon for an instant.

There is going to be rain tonight. Another bolt of lightning brightened the dank room, but only for an instant. An all-mighty storm is brewing.

Conrad tried to catch a glimpse of the other man, who also hung naked on the wall, only seeing a silhouette. The man had been there when he arrived. A peal of thunder resonated in the room and for a second, Conrad could see the other’s bones piercing through the skin, as his wounds oozed with infection. What had kept him alive?

Author Bio

Stephen C Ormsby was an IT professional for twenty years before deciding to lead a more creative life. He has always loved the idea of writing novels and had written four when Long Lost Song came along, demanding to be published.

He lives in South Gippsland with his wife, two children and a mad cat. He has travelled extensively, is an avid reader and enjoys listening to a wide range of music.

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