D is for Dogs Forever by @dawncolclasure #poetry #atozchallenge

Dogs Forever

by Dawn Colclasure
(and her daughter Jennifer Wilson)

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Dogs! Dogs! Big dogs, little dogs, funny dogs and lazy dogs! No matter what kind of dog in your life, you’ll find a poem that describes your furry friend in DOGS FOREVER, a mini book of poems that celebrate the bond between human and canine that only a dog lover would know.

Praise for Dogs Forever

I think this book could be a great motivator for getting young people to write and illustrate. Parents and teachers should share the poems with their children and students after enjoying the the book themselves.

Short, sweet and exceptionally cute, if you're a dog lover you'll enjoy this. A quick and easy read, you can devour it in one sitting. Recommended for if you love poetry and dogs.

Easy to read, cutesy, rhyming poems with drawings interspersed thru out the book. Short and sweet - made this a good one for me to read while waiting for an appointment.

Author Bio

Dawn Colclasure started writing at a young age and ever since has a collection of hundreds of poems, songs, essays, articles and short stories. She founded a poetry club while in her teens, where she also edited and published their quarterly magazine, and had poetry published in anthologies and various magazines.

She entered the professional writing world while in college, writing for her local newspaper while also working in the college newspaper department, then taking on a writing gig for a weekly webzine. From there she wrote her first novel then moved on to freelance writing, writing for magazines and E-zines. This led to joining the writing team for the newspaper for the deaf, SIGNews, and she has also written about ghosts and hauntings for the Shadowlands site.

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