"If you are into quirky fantasy stories ... this one may be for you." #Kindle #BookReview

The Banned Underground: The Amulet of Kings

by Will Macmillan Jones

Genre: Fantasy

Book Synopsis

Take one Dark Lord, one off-white witch, two teenagers, one dwarf blues band and a jazz-loving BogTroll. Mix. Wait for the explosion of laughter...

What could be worse? Having to take a holiday in the (rainy ) Lake District in the North West of England, with an aunt who turns people into frogs for a hobby? Or battling the local Dark Lord, whose attempt at World Domination starts with the nearby underground Dwarf Mansion, and its enormous collection of used Pizza boxes? Or getting involved with a jazz-loving BogTroll and his dwarfish Rhythm and Blues band? Or is it being miles from a McDonalds?

When Chris and Linda are sent on an enforced holiday in the English Lake District, they get more action than they expected.

Bec's Rating

Bec's Review

The Banned underground is a fantasy story set in modern times, but it’s not a serious one. Rather the whole story is supposed to be amusing and comical, and while some bits were funny, most of the time I was left wondering what I was reading and just feeling overall that this book is trying too hard to be quirky, funny and different. A lot of the jokes fell flat and there were times when it all became a bit too much, especially when trying to keep up with the jokes and the play on words left me confused as to what was actually happening.

Though to give this book a chance, perhaps its better suited for young adult readers, or even older children who would find the constant play on words funny. Perhaps I’m too used to serious fantasy books to give this one full credit. Whatever the reason, this book was not one I overall enjoyed, although I could see what it was attempting to do.

However don’t let me put you off. The book may be hilarious and I just don’t get it. It could be that it’s just not my sense of humour. And there were some parts of the story I did enjoy, though none that caused me to literally laugh out loud. If you are into quirky fantasy stories, or want something a bit different, or like funny stories then this one may be for you. Check it out and don’t let me own experience be the judge for you.

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for children due to a mature theme.