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Note: This is the first of a multi-part series. Here's the other available posts.
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  2. How the upcoming writing contest might work.
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  4. Who will have copyright of the contest submissions?
  5. What about the money the collection brings in?
  6. Will there be a Financial Gain for the big event?
  7. Which judging system should we use? Let us know.
  8. We’re looking for help in graphics, editing, and formatting for a publishing venture.
  9. Can you help us advertise our upcoming writing contest?
  10. Comments, questions & suggestions about our upcoming writing contest are welcome & encouraged.
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  13. Changing Gears: Would you like to be published in our Time Travel anthology?

So far we have focused on book reviews for the self-published and Indie crowd, but we would like to expand our focus into other areas of marketing and publishing. It's anyone's guess where this might end up, but as a general goal, we would like to unite an industry that has few places to meet. Many self-published authors and those that are contemplating such a venture have little cash to invest in their dream. Professional services such as editing, marketing, and publishing are out of reach for most, and playing Russian Roulette with traditional publishing houses is only sucessful for a few.

With all of that in mind, we would like to sponsor a writing contest if there is enough general interest. This is the first mention of such a goal, so we are looking for anyone and everyone who would like to help us out. Everyone who does help us out will receive promotion through the Masquerade Crew, be it on this blog, our sister Tumblr blog, Twitter, or through some other networked contact. The amount of promotion will vary based upon the level of participation, which will be available in a variety of forms, such as the following:
  • Entering the Contest
  • Judging the Contest
  • Editing winning entries
  • Designing a cover for the final product
  • Advertising the contest on your blog or website
  • Donating a small amount of money, 100% of it to be included in a cash prize for the contest.

We'll post more information about all of these options later, but as you can tell from the above list, we are interested in publishing the winning entries. We would like to collect a series of short stories based upon a certain theme and publish them through Amazon's E-Book service.

Originally there was a form here to sign up to help out. If you are interested in helping with this project, simply send me an email with more details. My email address is