"...woven together so well that you’ll want to keep reading way into the night." #Kindle #BookReview

Passing Love

by Jacqueline E. Luckett

Genre: Women's Fiction

Book Synopsis

Nicole-Marie Handy has loved all things French since she was a child. After the death of her best friend, determined to get out of her rut, she goes to Paris, leaving behind a marriage proposal. While there, Nicole chances upon an old photo of her father—lovingly inscribed, in his hand, to a woman Nicole has never heard of. What starts as a vacation quickly becomes an investigation into this mystery woman.

Moving back and forth in time between the sparkling Paris of today and the jazz-fueled city filled with expatriates in the 1950s, Passing Love is the story of two women dealing with lost love, secrets, and betrayal...and how the City of Light may hold all of the answers.

Bec's Rating

Bec's Review

Passing Love is really two stories of two women and Paris, the story of Nicole and of RubyMae. As can be expected despite their different time settings there is more than just Paris connecting those stories, but I shan’t spoil anything for the reader, leaving you to wonder and guess at the connection. What I can say is that Paris is well represented in the stories in a way that inspires me to one day travel there.

The characters in Passing Love are flawed, as any good character is. Nicole is at times insecure and unsure, she doubts herself and she steps outside her comfort zone. Most importantly she grows as the story progresses, proving that no matter how old you are there is always time to experience more of the world and to change, and you as the reader get to grow with her. RubyMae is a little self centred, though she doesn’t see it that way, and determined to keep her dream of Paris of alive. There is a nice contrast between the characters, both being very different from each other.

The two stories are woven together well so that no matter how into one you may be you find yourself looking forward to the switch of perspectives. I was eager to turn the pages to find out what was happening with Nicole and yet no matter how suspenseful her story, it was always exciting to see what Ruby was up to next, and vice versa. While sometimes overlapping stories such as this one don’t always work, in Passing Love they are woven together so well that you’ll want to keep reading way into the night. I highly recommend this book.

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for children due to drugs and alcohol.