Fast-paced adventure with well-defined characters. Where Shadows Dance by @VeredEhsani #review


Where Shadows Dance

Ghosts & Shadows Book 2

By Vered Ehsani

Genre: Young Adult

Book Synopsis

Ash was looking forward to a summer of camping with friends and time travelling. Then his Great Aunt fades away (literally), his near-death nightmare gets even weirder and he keeps falling into someone else's dreams. On top of that, his house is attacked and he gets trapped in the past while trying to help a new friend who isn't too friendly.

Juna isn't having a great time of it either: having escaped from her parole officer, she barely survives falling out of a plane and getting sucked into a bizarre tornado that keeps appearing in the most unlikely situations. While Ash and Juna try to get out of the past and back home, events and dreams keep pointing them to the place where it all starts and ends, where shadows dance and time bends.

If they can get there, they may be able to stop an implacable enemy from destroying their future. Of course, getting there means surviving first...

Walki's Rating

Walki's Review

Fifteen-year-old Ash is staying at home with his siblings while their parents are off to the spa farm for a week. Time-traveling is his plan, now that he has this special history book given by his aunt Bibi. Soon, Ash finds out that he has to help Juna, a teenager who fell out of a plane via a time-traveling tornado, but also needs his sister Shanti’s help to escape from his arch-enemy Kali.

Despite being a sequel, ‘Where Shadows Dance’ reads well as a stand-alone. Vered Ahsani has given us an entertaining, fast-paced adventure with well-defined characters.

The concluding almost cliffhanger feels too soon, while the question marks are likely to drive you towards the next installment. Easy-reading and pertinent, it is a nice read for teens’ holidays, or for teens at heart.

Disclaimer: This book was provided free of charge by either the author or publisher. There was no financial gain in regards to this review, and the opinions presented above were not artificially influenced in any way.