The Masters (though it isn't about golf) by @paleololigo #NaNoWriMo


The Masters

Written by Penny Higgins

The working title is "The Masters," but I suspect that will change. It makes it seem like it's about golf, which it ain't. It's science fiction.

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NaNo Excerpt

His world was dark. He was lonely… And in pain. So alone. Hopeless.

Marshall lay there in quiet agony, waiting for the death blow. He wondered weakly how it would come and what it would feel like. A shot to the head, perhaps, as he had witnessed to many times before? He hoped for something quick. This torture seemed endless.

For once in his life, he truly felt old. His body ached. He was weary. His future was empty, irrelevant. He was old and worthless. Unnecessary. Unloved. Not hated, really. Just held in contemptible indifference.

His mind drifted to happier days. His life had been his own. He had been powerful. People adored him and he smiled. He loved them back. He had peace when he wanted it, but he enjoyed his fame.

Then the Masters came and took that all away. They destroyed people, not just by killing, but by stripping men and women of what made them human. They were nothing now. No one was anything. And he was alone and all was dark.

Author Bio

Scientist (Vertebrate Paleontology, Isotope Geochemistry, Geology), a career that has taken me all over the world, including the Canadian High Arctic where the attached photo was taken; Writer (Speculative and Science Fiction, plus technical and non-technical Science), which takes me to even more distant realms, on this planet or elsewhere; Mother to a great boy on the Autism Spectrum, which keeps me grounded at my home; Possessor of too many other hobbies, which keeps life interesting and challenging.