Since Tomorrow by @MorganNyberg is a novel of a world in the remaking.


by Morgan Nyberg

AN OLD MAN rides a workhorse through the night, across mudslides, past stores abandoned for decades, past the rotted corpses of automobiles invisible under mounds of blackberry. Rain courses from his rabbit skin poncho. He carries a sword and a spear. He knows where to find the murderer. He will face him alone.

"Since Tomorrow" is a novel of a world in the remaking. The old man, Frost, remembers the "good times". Those who live on his "farm" among collapsed warehouses and the foundations of vanished houses struggle to maintain human values. But when others in this makeshift world are driven only by greed and the need for power, all values must ultimately be replaced by the simple instinct for survival.

In this full length novel Morgan Nyberg takes the reader to the West Coast of Canada, where the city of Vancouver has been transformed by climate change, pandemic, economic collapse and earthquake into "Town", a squalid, lawless place inhabited the desperate, the diseased and the dying.

Taking advantage of this state of affairs is the formidable Langley, who grows poppies to produce "skag", a crude form of opium. Langley has amassed enough power to control a small private army. Now he is determined to acquire Frost's farm for himself. Recklessly opposing Langley is Frost's fearless but impulsive granddaughter, Noor.

Reviews from Amazon

Since Tomorrow is a really good story about good versus evil. It's a story about survival that highlights the difficulty of overcoming evil while at the same time holding on to the values that separate the two. In some respects it's a microcosm of the struggles society has faced since the dawn of time. As I read it I wondered how Langley managed to grow into such an evil force. Why didn't Frost and Wing and all the others stop him early on? But good rarely stops evil in its early stages, does it? Good only stops evil when pushed to the wall and left with no other way out.

Since Tomorrow is a strong story, with well-crafted characters and just the right amount of description. I warn you, though, it will keep you up past your bedtime.

Since Tomorrow by Morgan Nyberg is an unsettling novel, in the way only a powerful, well-crafted book can be, using its words to twist into your mind and make you think. It's the type of book that resonates right into the back of your mind and curls around your soul.

The book is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where excess and dissipation have finally caught up with the world and where society has self-destructed. The novel unfolds within the city of Vancouver, Canada, where a small population survives, eking out a meagre existence by farming and scavenging.

This is a magnificent book that lays out an exquisitely formed vision of a broken world that has lost the trappings of civilisation as we know it, but none of its emotional underpinning. In this new society we still find people trying to form communities, people trying to take advantage, some who have given up, and some who want to make it better. No punches are pulled here in the pages; characters die, both victories and tragedies happen and life goes on despite everything. The author gives you characters you can love and hate, all living in an amazingly realistic future world.

In so many ways this book just works effortlessly, giving the reader different levels of enjoyment or reflection in its words. I highly recommend this book; it is worth your time to read it.