You Can Learn to Make a Website in One Hour without Coding – Why EVERYONE Should Learn


How to Make a Website or Blog with WordPress WITHOUT Coding, on your own domain, all in under 2 hours!

Written by Mike Omar

Free on Amazon December 6th & 7th


Knowing how to create a website is one of the most fundamental skills any person can have in today's world. Everyday people use the internet more and more and it's the most effective way to get exposure for anything: your business, your ideas, yourself, etc.

In spite of this, most people still have no idea how to make a website, even though it is SO EASY!

Most people believe that to make a website you have to spend years learning coding languages like HTML and CSS. This is no longer the case now that we live in the era of WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system (that was originally designed to make blogs), that makes creating websites of any type incredibly easy. It's software that you can install on any domain, and nobody has any way to know it is a WordPress website instead of a standardly designed one. Not only do you not need any code to do it, the software is extremely flexible and customizable, allowing for any kind of design and functionality that you want.

Over 15% of websites on the internet were put together using WordPress.

Putting together a WordPress website is as easy as using Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. Spend a few minutes testing things out and you'll start to figure it out in no time at all.

So what is the total cost for WordPress software? WordPress is 100% free.

In other words, the total cost for a website is $10 / year for a domain and $5 / month for hosting.

So why wait? Go ahead and build yourself your first website (it could be a website about yourself, your pet, an online resume, a website for your business, etc.). It's a learning experience.

Once you've done the process once (and see how simple it is to make a professional looking website), you can start charging people to make their websites or build yourself an online business. Empower yourself and learn this new skill! It will open up a world of entrepreneurial possibilities for you!