Tales From Imagination's Closet by @MollyAllmanSmit "So many ideas and all so different"


Tales From Imagination's Closet

By M. Allman

Genre: General Fiction Anthology

Book Synopsis

What if you dared to look close into the never-ending, mysterious closet of an author's imagination? In these series of stories M. Allman will do just that-and make you laugh, cry, gasp, or leave you wondering with shiver and delight. So dare to read...Tales From Imagination's Closet.

Here are a few samples to ponder, read, and enjoy: Joe's Ride: Joe accepts a ride from a fiery redhead in a Viper. Little does he know, she's his ride into eternity.

Azure: Dr. Stanton and Dr. Kline's patient seems crazy, until he leaves the hospital in a beam of light.

Inside His Mind: A wife is given the opportunity to go inside her husband's mind and do some rewiring.

Secrets Never Die : If the dead can come back to haunt you, so can your secrets.

Reflections of the Past: Tina's parents were killed in a house fire, but that doesn't stop them from being there on her wedding day.

Lyn's Rating

Lyn's Review

The breadth of this writer’s imagination dazzles me! ‘Tales from Imagination’s Closet’ is a collection of around 30 short (some very short) stories of diverse genres which left me wondering what it must be like to live inside this writer’s imagination. So many ideas and all so different!

If I had to pick out my favourites from this collection, they would be ‘Secrets Never Die’, about a gossipy aunt who returns from beyond the grave to do what she enjoyed doing in life; ‘Come Back Doug’ – a rather haunting story of being literally stranded in the desert of alcohol-dependency; ‘The Stalker’ a chilling tale about a stalker with an evil mission and ‘Yesterday’s Children’, which was all about being as old as you feel – literally.

There were many other fascinating stories which were so interesting and unusual that I wished they were longer: ‘Finder’s Weepers’ a very clever idea about your lies coming back to haunt you; ‘Inside His Mind’, about domestic engineering and great fun; Laugh Like a Baby – an unusual and interesting idea and ‘Grandma’s Scrapbook’ which I found absolutely delightful.

In short, there is something to suit all tastes in this collection. I’ve always preferred longer novels to short stories myself, but I’m now converted. It’s always useful to have a short story collection when you want a quick read to fill a short break or at bedtime. I found myself dipping into ‘Tale’s from Imagination’s Closet’ in all sorts of situations and getting engrossed within seconds. I could rarely only read one story at a time.

When I read this there was no doubt this compilation would benefit greatly from sound editing, which I felt was the only thing that let it down. I understand that since then this has undergone further editing. I would certainly recommend it as a highly enjoyable short story collection and will watch this writer with interest in the future.

Review Disclaimer: This book was provided free of charge by either the author or publisher. There was no financial gain in regards to this review, and the opinions presented above were not artificially influenced in any way.