These books have been waiting months and months to be reviewed. Wanna help?

The following two tables of books are the oldest books on our waiting list, so this post is effectively our new public waiting list. We're always looking for more reviewers. After all, the original aim of the Masquerade Crew was to be a book reviewer, and I don't care how big it gets or how many people help us review books (especially Indie books).

All are welcome.

So, browse the following titles. If you see something you like, sign up to be a book reviewer. There's a space on the sign up form to indicate which book(s) you would like to start out with.

And remember: it doesn't matter if you read one book a month or one book a day. As long as your reviews are honest and fair, we'll keep you around.

Note: the sign up form appears after the two tables. Or, you can get to the form by clicking HERE.

ESTRA Corp. Science Fiction War
Birdie Down' Science Fiction Adventure, rebellion
LOL General Fiction humor & comedy
The Sandoval Sisters' Secret of Old Blood General Fiction Historical
The Lucky Boy Young Adult suburban dystopian bildungsroman
The Grove and Other Stories General Fiction horror/paranormal
Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey Non-Fiction Memoir
Diary of a Madman General Fiction Horror/suspense
The World Clicks General Fiction Dude Lit
Dr. Aa's Pennyroyal Tabules General Fiction historical
Running Northwest General Fiction Romance
Le Couer de la Mer General Fiction  
Wings General Fiction Historical
Lyon's Legacy Science Fiction  
The Altercation of Vira Young Adult Fantasy
Trixie & Me Science Fiction High-tech
Contract of Defiance Science Fiction Action/thriller
Forgotten Heroes-Tides of War General Fiction Action/Adventure
Leave me alone General Fiction  
Cephrael's Hand Fantasy Epic Fantasy
The Definitive Guide to Rochester  New York Fantasy Alternative History

Malmaxa I - Beltamar's War Fantasy Epic
The Twelve Stones Science Fiction Action/Adventure
Conner General Fiction Paranormal Fantasy/Romance
Jacks The Mischievous Leprechaun story/activity book General Fiction Children's folklore
Francesca├Ęs Voyage Romance CONTEMPORARY
Wind-Scarred Science Fiction Fantasy
After The Crash Science Fiction  
The Liar's Guide to South America General Fiction Travel
Love You to Pieces Romance suspense
The Beautiful Evil General Fiction Suspense
Valknut: The Binding Fantasy dark urban
Andor: Awakening Fantasy  
Outerborough Blues: A Brooklyn Mystery Mystery literary fiction
The Choice Mystery Suspense
Satin Pleasures Romance Contemporary
Into My Mind Non-Fiction  
Be Still General Fiction Family
Robyn's Egg Science Fiction Futuristic Thriller
The Newfoundland Vampire Romance Horror
That's War Non-Fiction WWI/History/Journal
Legacy of the Highlands Romance romantic suspense
Dremiks Science Fiction space-opera
Sketches from the Spanish Mustang General Fiction Thriller (some); paranormal (some)
Shopping for Love Romance contemporary (sweet)