Book Review: Dust to Blood by Tonya Cannariato #dragons #paranormal


Dust to Blood

By Tonya Cannariato

Genre: Fantasy, Crypto-History

Book Synopsis

Chicago-based researcher Anne Crosby is traveling to Russia to investigate the hidden past of nine orphans who share an unusual bond--dust for blood. On her intriguing journey through post-Soviet Union Russia, she discovers a secret power buried in the country's history and sought by the newly reborn KGB, which is determined to regain ascendancy.

Secret dungeons, dragons, and her research associates' KGB connections have Anne looking over her shoulder at every turn. That doesn't prevent her from indulging in a bit of matchmaking in the midst of frantic adventures chasing down old secrets, rescuing a 15-year-old girl who is more than she seems, and running from rogue KGB agents.

As Anne and her entourage dig deeper into the ancient mysteries, she learns nothing is what it appears. Her life is forever transformed by her search for the true history of these Red Slaves.

Walki's Rating

Walki's Review

Chicago-based researcher Anne Crosby is sent to Moscow to investigate rumours of dragons. Her contact Igor introduces her to three Ivans, three Vassilys and three Fyodors, who have no memories of their past, and dust in their veins instead of blood. Anne has to avoid suspicious people watching her, while travelling to other parts of the countries and making friends with Olga, a librarian and ex-KGB trainee.

While ‘Dust to Blood’ delivered the dragons, and despite an engaging first chapter, I felt ultimately disappointed by the characters and by the ending. While I found it readable, it felt superficial and I wondered if I had stumbled into chicklit zone (a genre that doesn’t suit my needs, or my tastes, or my standards). ‘Dust to Blood’ had the potential and the ideas to fill two volumes if Tonya Cannariato had chosen to expand with more details and more dialogues, but she opted for another path.

I remember reading Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’ and thinking of it as a trash novel with an IQ. I would have given it three stars. Today, I’m struggling to give ‘Dust to Blood’ two and a half stars. As an avid booklover and honest reviewer, I feel disappointed when I cannot muster enthusiasm about a novel. This modern fantasy is a trash novel with a degree in tourism.

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for young children due to a mature theme.