26 Submissions for our Time Travel Anthology — is yours one of them?


For those of you who haven't heard, we are putting together an anthology of short stories to be published on Amazon as an e-book. The theme of the anthology is time travel, specifically the following prompt:

In the spirit of H.G. Well's "The Time Machine," one character or a group of characters travel many years into the future. What do they find there? Are they able to come back home, or are they trapped? What has become of mankind? Is life better or worse? What's the political climate? The real climate? (IOW mother nature) The choices are up to you.

Later, I added the following to the prompt to explain the purpose a little more.

Although your piece can be a character driven story, the prompt was designed to go beyond your characters. What they find in the future should have a larger component that goes beyond their story line, something that affects mankind in general or the planet, as was the case in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. It gives you a chance to explore society a bit and how your characters react to the changes they witness. Because of this, I suggest the trip to the future be many years into the future, more than likely beyond the lifetime of your characters.

A few other facts about submissions for the anthology:

Minimum Word Count — 5,000
Maximum Word Count — 10,000 (I haven't been too worried about this one. I just wanted to know how much more people were going to write if that was the case.)

The following is a list of the official submissions I have received to date, 26 of them.

  1. Forbidden Future by James Wymore
  2. New Eve by Laura Diamond
  3. Jump by Jon Bradbury
  4. Asylum by Layla Moon
  5. A Year Too Far by S. Virginia Gray
  6. Something Borrowed by February Grace
  7. What You Don't Want to See by Joshua Treacher
  8. The Moon Doesn't Shine by S.P. Mount
  9. (Untitled) by Charlotte Waller
  10. Something by Lori Fetters Lopez
  11. Blood of the Future by Catherine Montgomery
  12. Society by Terra Harmony
  13. I am a Scientist by Becky Porter
  14. Forevermore by Sharon Flood
  15. The Canyon Edict by Tyffani Clark Kemp
  16. Reizele by Victoria Page
  17. Singularity's Orphans by A.J. Nolte
  18. Road Trip by Matthew N. Mitrovich
  19. James and the Time Patrol Agency by Edward Lau
  20. The Replacement by Katie Anderson
  21. The GAS and Sand Game by Fallon van Kuil
  22. (Untitled) by Nathan DiCamillo
  23. The Old Drum by Josh Sinason
  24. Between Utopias by Michael Trimmer
  25. Outlander by Layla Moon
  26. The Unenlightened by Lilian Ortiz

Although submissions are not officially being accepted anymore, if you want to write a story for the above prompt, send me an email and we can probably work something out. msl_007@live.com If nothing else, there might be room for more than one volume under this prompt. My goal is to never turn away anyone who is willing to work with me.

What's Next?

I haven't even read most of the above submissions, so that's the next stage for me. I've had the help of a few volunteer beta readers, and I will continue to rely on them as I go through more of these submissions.

But I need more help.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer beta reader, please send me an email. Suggestions from beta readers will help the author(s) and editors to make these stories the best they can be.

I don't have any plans on rejecting any story as long as the author is willing to work with the team: me, beta readers, and editors. So, to serve as a beta reader means to help directly with the publishing process. Who's game?

Here's my email: msl_007@live.com