Blog Tour Details from The Masquerade Crew


Most other blog tour outfits focus their efforts on a specific number of blogs per tour. The more blogs they get to participate, the more expensive the tour costs because it takes time to verify that every blog posted as they were supposed to.

I'm not going to operate that way. Instead, every tour will have as many blogs as I can get. I won't worry about traffic levels for each blog.

However, there will be a check and balance system. Each participating blog tour host is a member of the Masquerade Crew Book Club. They earn points for posting blog tour posts, and I have found a very easy way to verify posting. My hope is that this is an incentive to get more people to help out with each tour.

Also, for the simple promo tour, there are no dates attached, meaning that a blogger could pick up your book at anytime in the future. You may pay for it one month but continue to get blog posts out of it for years to come. (At least one can hope, right?) I'm working on a way to make the Options Tour long-term as well.

Because of how my tours are set up, I will be able to offer them for a lot less money.

As a trial run, the first tours will be bundled with an advertising package, giving you Twitter marketing and multiple blog posts on this site.

Once I have a nice network of bloggers, I may expand the program to offer more options.

Here are the current options:

  1. Simple promo blog tour — Each of the participating blogs will post the same thing, a simple post about your book. Excerpts and interviews will be allowed, but every post will be the same. Giveaways or other time sensitive material will not be used.
  2. Options blog tour — Nifty name, but the meaning is simple. Bloggers will be offered a variety of material to choose from, cutting and pasting from various choices: excerpts, guest posts, etc .... Offering the book for review will also be an option. This type of tour can also be time sensitive. It can be scheduled like a traditional tour, but I'm still looking for a way to give it a long-term spin as well.

    For an Options tour, I will also make sure all of the material you present is used. If a blogger doesn't pick something up, I'll post it myself on this site.