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The year is 3024 A.D. The universe, the galaxy is our own Milky Way. Mankind has been exploring and colonizing the Milky Way for over 500 years and governments as we know them on Earth have evolved from their present state to interplanetary empires. Some have many planets under their flag, smaller governments have settled on one, or even share worlds with other former nations of Earth.

Larger than individual governments are the corporations that have sprung from the 1,000 year long technological races- they wield immense power, with little regard for the borders set by governments- their borders are those determined by trade routes and commerce.

Sound intriguing? Let's ask the author about the project.

When did you start writing 3024AD?

There are two answers to this question, really. I started writing stories set in the 3024AD proper only this year, but many of the stories themselves are ideas I have had for years. Instead of creating a new universe for each, I decided to put them all in the same one, have characters cross paths and locations used in a variety of ways.

What inspired the 3024AD series and universe?

I have always loved spaceflight, and for years have been eager to see it move out of the governments hands- we're seeing that right now, with SpaceX and the like. Thinking about that, and where mankind will be in 1,000 years is a big part of it.

Also, the idea that history repeats itself- once mankind is colonizing other planets, what elements from history will take effect? The establishment and control of trade routes seems obvious. Will the be pirates? How will they operate? Just coming up with answers to these questions sets the stage for all kinds of stories.

Can you give us a quick sell on 3024AD - what's it all about?

In addition to the universe that's created by the factors above, the characters really drive the series. The first series of shorts, for which I am currently running a Kickstarter campaign, is focused on the character of Digger, a thief with a hidden past. His stories are alternated with those of other characters he crosses paths with- minor characters, if you will, who become main characters in their own stories, so you get to see who they are as well.

After this series is done, what's next for you, Dean?

I hope this series never ends. I don't want it to run on with no resolution, but there are so many potential stories within this universe, I hope to keep writing them forever. That said, there are several other things I want to try- I have always liked fantasy as well as science fiction, and steampunk has always appealed to me as well.

Why have you decided to self-publish?

I wanted to make my first published effort available directly. For a short story collection, it was the more direct method. I had a lot of options- submitting them to various anthologies or journals, shopping them to publishers- but in the end, it came down to the fact that this gave me the control to do exactly what I wanted.

How many more stories/shorts/novels are you planning - and will you be self-publishing them?

I have two more series of shorts outlined, plus two novels. As to self-publishing them, I will have to see. There are some publishing companies out there doing some cool things, so I may submit to them. One of the exciting things that has come about due to the increased effectiveness of self-publishing is the power it gives the author. It allows them to seek more mutually beneficial arrangements rather than be at the mercy of the publishing house.

You're running a Kickstarter campaign for the collection- Why did you go that route?

For a couple reasons. On the business side of things, it allows me to cover a lot of costs up front without a large out-of-pocket expense. Where this would traditionally come from the publisher, now it comes from the readers. This allows the readers to get involved and have a sense of ownership. It also allows for me, as the author, to connect with them and create rewards that are unique and collectible. That part has been especially fun.

What are some of the rewards you're offering?

Of course, there's the most obvious- the ebook itself, plus Kickstarter backers get it before it's released to the general public. All backers also receive a desktop wallpaper featuring art of one of the characters. At the lower levels, there are bookmarks of characters and postcards of the covers art- all signed. For the higher levels, there are limited edition signed and numbered prints, a preview of the first novel and having a character in series two named after you. There's much more, though, and I hope you check it out and decide to back it.

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