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Spencer's Face

Buckeye Hawks Series

by Autumn Brown

Synopsis: Taylor is a popular cheerleader at Buckeye Union High, who has had a few boyfriends, even though she has yet to find her perfect guy.

Spencer is a boy with a huge birthmark covering one side of his face. He plays football, but tries to stay out of the limelight to hide his face. He's shunned by most of the girls at Buckeye Union High.

Luckily Taylor isn't like most girls. She sees Spencer for who he is inside. Can he be her perfect guy, even with his imperfections? She falls for him deeper than she's ever fallen for anyone. Convincing a shy, insecure Spencer that he's the boy of her dreams isn't going to be easy.

This is an emotion-packed, high school story of two teens discovering true love for the first time. This story is sexually explicit, describing sex in detail, intended for a mature audience.

"This is a very light and fun read about two high school students who fall in love. Even though my high school days are long gone, this book really took me back to my youth. The first sexual experiences between the couple felt very realistic to me. I also found it refreshing that the male protagonist is physically "imperfect" - with a a birth mark on his face. Most men in romance novels tend to be model-perfect, which gets old after awhile."

"I liked this story, it showed that not all teenagers are of the same mindset."

Author Bio

I live with my husband of 21 years. Our blended family of three daughters have grown and left the nest, leaving me with the extra time that has eluded me for years. For years, I have lived with characters and stories dancing in my head, but never really had the time to develop them. Now, with this precious, wonderful time that I have vowed not to take for granted, I have at last been able to let those characters live and breathe. I only pray that readers get to know them and love them as much as I have. I write teen romances, and adult romances. Some days I feel young, and some days I feel older (a little older any way). My books most often have heroines that ride motorcycles, and drive fast cars. There's a little of the real-life me in there. I hope you enjoy my books. Check out my website for more information, or to get in touch with me.

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