Courtroom Novella: Javier's Defense by Ralph Shamas - no cost to you on October 27th.


Javier's Defense

Written by Ralph Shamas


A criminal defense attorney is retained to represent a man accused of accessory to murder--a cold-blooded shooting. The client's family has risked everything to come up with the money for a retainer. The evidence seems damning. Nonetheless, the lawyer becomes convinced that his client is not guilty and sets out to prove his innocence at trial. The prosecutor, an ambitious and beautiful young woman in the Office of the District Attorney, presents the lead detective as her key witness. The lawyer puts his client on the stand to testify. The courtroom is charged with action and suspense. Is there justice? The ending of the story compels a shocking answer.


4 Stars
Review by Jackson
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An interesting story, especially how the judicial system works. Very enlightening. I would recommend it as a book to read and one that goes quickly.

5 Stars
Review by JJ Robinsong
This novella is a truly entertaining crime story. It is well-written and fascinating from start to finish. The courtroom scenes are intriguing and the ending is absolutely compelling. I loved it.

Author Bio

Ralph Shamas was born and raised in New Mexico. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa College of Law in 1973, and first represented a citizen accused in that same year. Over the course of a 32 year career as a lawyer, he handled hundreds of cases, including several in which his clients were charged with murder and even capital murder. He was given the highest peer rating which can be awarded to a lawyer and was selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America.

Judge Shamas was appointed to the District Court by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson in 2005, and has since presided over scores of criminal trials. His experience in the mysteries of the law, and in participating in literally hundreds of trials, has thus passed through four decades. Judge Shamas uses that experience as his guide in portraying fascinating characters in an intriguing drama.