Bad news or good news? Good news!


I've been wanting to revamp the advertising program on this blog for a while, but I haven't had the time or the energy needed to do so. My hours at work have been cut in half, so starting this next week, I'll have a lot more time to devote to other activities, namely managing the house and my onine endeavors. (The house is a mess.)

Though I will still operate in the same spirit that I have had this past year (yes, this blog is a year old), I'll be focusing a lot more on paying clients. What this really means is that book promotions will no longer be free (most of the time). Guest posts and syndicated posts will still be free, though even with these, I will give paying clients priority.

It's my goal to make up the missing income from my day/night job with proceeds from this site, which means I'll be helping lots of authors promote their books. And my aim is to give you a tremendous amount of value for your money. You'll get more out of me than with any other site.

I'll detail the offerings a lot more in another post, but for now ... a preview of great things to come.

Advertising packages will include the following:

  • Twitter Marketing
  • Ad space for three areas at the top of the site
  • Multiple types of promo posts
  • Blog Tours

I've been experimenting with ad space and Twitter marketing the last few months, so I feel pretty confident about those services. Coming up with enough variety for promotion blog posts will be interesting, but with the help of the authors who sign up, I'm sure we can come up with a workable plan.

What I haven't had time to experiment with much is blog tours. I will be offering them as a very cheap add-on to the other advertising services. (Prices may adjust once I gain experience with the model.) I hope to give authors the same amount of value as they would get from established blog tour outfits for a lot less cash. Time will tell.

I've got a list of blogs that will most likely be happy to help me out with blog tours, and I plan to make it extremely easy for them. If successful, I'll expand the offerings. Stay tuned.