Free Promotion is Out ... but not completely.


This blog is a year old this month. Actually it's been around for a little more than a year, but it was in October of last year that I got serious about helping Indie authors. In fact, our first book review of an Indie went up October 1, 2011, which you can read HERE.

The goal for the second year is basically the same, just expanded. I want to continue to help Indie authors, promoting their hard work. Indies are artists, and the starving artist cliché is true for them just like it is for anyone just getting started.

Changing Times

But the days have gone when I would have freely promoted someone's work via blog post for free. Maintaining this blog takes time and effort, so I ask for a little something in return.

The new advertising program is designed with that idea in mind. However, I want to be below market value. I want to be the place Indies come when they can't afford the other guys, sites that have awesome service (no doubt) but whose prices reflect their experience as well as the principles of supply and demand.

Where else can you get 3 promotional posts for $15 on a site that has a reach such as this one?

Everyone who charges for such a thing charges more than that. And, yes, there are places that do it for free, but honestly, most of them don't have the traffic I have. But I'm not boasting here, not really.

I'm trying to design this service so that it is expandable beyond the capabilities of a free website (but below the threshold of other paid services). But enough about that. There are still ways to get stuff for free.

Free is Still Here

Although free promotional posts are out, you can still get me to work for you for free. Here's how:

  • Book Review
  • Guest Post
  • Syndication
  • Exchange of Services

Let's talk about each one of these.

Book Reviews: Although we are not accepting new book review requests at the moment, book reviews are still free. In order to handle more requests in the future, we are actively trying to expand our review crew, which will allow us to work through more books.

Do you like to read? Would you like to read for us? If so, click on Reviews at the top, then Join Our Review Crew.

Guest Post & Syndication: I'll discuss these together since they are virtually the same thing. The only difference is whether the post can be found elsewhere. If the post is from your site, it's syndication. If it's not, I'll still link to your website. Seems the same to me.

And what's more ... if you give me a link to your book on Amazon, I'll include it in the post for free. The only obvous stipulation is the post cannot be about the book directly.

Exchange of Services: I use ALEXA for traffic stats of other sites. If you have decent traffic, I'll be happy to post a free book promotion post in exchange for a post in return. If you don't have decent traffic, I'll be happy to help out where I can.

Another option: if you offer me guest posts and syndication, I'll be more inclined to post something promotional for you as a thank you for the traffic your other posts got me.

In other words, I want to encourage cooperation on both sides. Help me, and I will help you.

To read more about syndication, click Features at the top, then Syndication. I plan to blog about guest posting in the near future.

To get ahold of me for questions, comments, and the like, simply send me an email.